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 A Stone Age Hill Fort in East Devon. UK.

A writing group prompt. Think and write about your favorite place. 

I wake each day to the hustle and bustle of an every day life, but in my heart I long to tread the ancient paths and footsteps of a time long forgotten.

A place of solitude, wonderment and history, races through my veins, as I consider lives once lived and a community that time has cast aside.

Who were these faces in the mists? Who were these people who walked these tracks and created mounds of protection for their loved ones?

Banks of rammed earth, creating a safe haven within, are traced with footsteps from its human visitors and wild creature as they hunt their prey.

No more a community of people, but a majestic stand of Beech, surrounds the moss covered boundaries.

A carpet of Bluebells entices me, their gentle perfume drawing me into a distant land, where triumph and tragedy mingle.

I love this place of distant dreams, but am spurred on to create new dreams, new foundations for my children, my children’s children and the generations to come.

My heritage and ancestry is challenged, I wonder, what will hold the generations to come? What will become my legacy?

Who will come after me and remember them? What will their eyes see? For when I am no more this place will still be.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012



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Early 2012 I received a newsletter from a writer who used a quote from Byron. ‘There is pleasure in the pathless woods’. It has had a profound affect on me. Over the years I have sought to navigate the rough road we often tramp, wondering which direction, if any, to take. It struck a cord for me as I experienced my first ‘Light Bulb Moment’, for the year. I reflected that as I have journeyed my 55 years, there has been a striving for the unknown, searching for that unidentified thing always just around the corner.

Two years ago I joined a Creative Writing group in my local library and have very much enjoyed the experienced of putting words on paper to create a story. The pressures of life seemed to dictate that I should be doing something with the creations I had scribed. As I came to the end of the year I did some serious soul searching, only to discover I wanted to enjoy life for the pure pleasure of it and not have to have a purpose for everything I do.

Trying to explain this to friends and family left me feeling guilty that I should be seeking for once in my life to just be and enjoy the moment. Byron’s quote reminded me of endless photos I have captured, with twisting paths and roads leading to the unknown. I always wondered what was around the corner and desired to reach my imaginative destination, believing it would be a better place than the one I was in.

Having read the article, I had a childlike sense of sitting in the middle of the Australian Bush, surrounded with a wall of vegetation. It was a soothing place, peaceful, with a hint of emotional healing whispering into my heart. I thought I would rest there awhile, hidden from view, looking up to the heavens where the warming sun could thaw a lifetime of experiences.

There was no path to lead the way out at that time, but I am now ready to pioneer a new track, discovering the route my life should take, to best navigate the future.

So here I am. Blogging, and wondering where this new road might take me.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012


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I’m feeling very nervous about all of this. It seems that stepping onto the ‘Blogging Stage’ is not for the faint hearted.

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