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I was recently invited to join to join a special group of prayer warriors.  Accepting their invitation was an honour, as I have been navigating a new direction in my life and pioneering new pathways into the arena of becoming a published Christian Writer. Their wisdom, support and encouragement, has been wonderful and fully compliments the guidance and friendships that have formed at my local writing group.

As with most things spiritual, it seemed that as soon as I discovered some clear guidance and direction on the areas to work in, that my family and close friends have come under attack. This has resulted in a major attempt to squash my spirit and send me off track, hindering what I believe God has directed me to do.

Asking this group to pray for a peace to sweep through my home, my family and close friends seemed rather petty, especially in light of what several of them are going through. But I asked anyway. I am pleased to report, that since requesting their prayers, a peaceful presence has returned to my home and I have been able to remain focused on the task at hand.

It seems to me, that one of the key lessons I have learnt over the last couple of weeks is to cast pride aside and ask for help. My stubborn independence, and a reliance on my own storehouse of faith is fine most of the time, but we all need our community of like-minded people, who can support us on the days when we limp along.

This has made me aware of how predictable I have become in most facets of every day life. So far 2012 has been a year of change. Spiritually I have been sitting, resting and waiting for God’s voice to direct me. Now I am forging a new pathway, but using all my past experiences and behaviours in an attempt to build the way forward.

Funnily enough, as I was typing these thoughts in an email, I had a sense of being in God’s presence, He was smiling down on me, shaking His head and telling me it was about time I woke up to that one. ‘Nice one Lord,’ I thought.

These thoughts do raise a question. How many of ask for prayer when facing the big situations and forget that God is interested in every facet of our lives?

Why not give prayer a go.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012


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Why do people blog?

Why am I blogging?

This is the question I have been asking myself as I look back over my posts. It has been three months since I launched myself into Blogisphere and over that time I have come to appreciate some incredible story tellers, read fantastic articles and received wonderful feedback and encouragement.

Coming out of the shadows as a hobby writer and positioning myself in a spotlight, is not something that comes easy for me. Creating a public profile and experiencing this type of lifestyle, is in many ways alien to the me that I have known so well.

So far, blogging has been a great test of endurance and discipline as I’ve sat and considered what each post would be. As I review this, I am feeling rather proud to have 38 posts under my belt, this one making my 39th.

Now I think I’m in need of some vitamin D, as I have been working in front of a computer screen for most of the day. Sunshine can come in a bottle(thanks to the health food stores), but it is much better when taken in the great outdoors.
Post 40 will be coming to a screen near you soon!

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall’, is the title of chapter two in Cheryl Richardson’s book, ‘The Art of extreme Self Care – Transforming Your Life One Month at a Time’. It details the concept of looking into a mirror on a daily basis and telling myself, ‘I love you Sandie’. I can tell you with all honesty, I was squirming at the thought of attempting this just the once, without trialing it for the whole month.

‘My self esteem may need a bit of tweaking from time to time,’ I thought to myself, ‘but hey, I’m not the shy timid person that people use to tease or bully anymore. Am I?’

I have had a bit of a rude awakening. It is a hard exercise to accomplish. Try it for yourself, if you don’t believe me.

The line, ‘Fake it until you make it,’ came to mind as I realised I am not as confident as I thought I was. Compliments, while always welcome, are not necessarily absorbed the way they should be. Those critical comments of my childhood, having created a tougher skin than I ever imagined.

We use our mirrors all the time for personal grooming, but the act of looking intently into our own eyes is a very intimate act. We can see our own flaws and weaknesses in an instance and feel uncomfortable accepting ourselves with the unconditional love that we should.

The final three sentences of the chapter have pushed me on in this challenge.

‘This experience does take time, so don’t worry if it seems hard. You’ll have a whole month to practice, and there’s no need to rush. For now, just show up and allow yourself to get comfortable with this new level of connection and intimacy.

(c) ‘The Art of extreme Self Care – Transforming Your Life One Month at a Time’. Cheryl Richardson’s. 2009

I have been turning up. It has been an up hill challenge. I have also pulled some wonderful faces at myself to lighten the mood. I’m just happy not to be on a Disney set, where the mirror talks back or have Big Brother watching. If I had, I think they might have been booked me into a nice facility by now, with all meals and medication provided.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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A good taste is something that most of us attempt to accomplish in the kitchen. It is not always easy though. Being the type of cook that adds a pinch of this and a dollop of that, means it is very hard to replicate anything that gets served up at meal-times. I do the taste test as I go along, but it is not until I see the faces of the people sat around the table, that I know whether I can give myself a pat on the back or not.

Wouldn’t it be nice, if we as Christians, could have the right balance of taste in our own Spiritual walk. So much so, that others would ask us for our recipe. Let’s face it, we may be the ony example of a Christian that they get a taste of.

Our Heavenly Father is a master chef when it comes to achieving His purposes for our lives. If we believe that He created us in His image, we should aim to look appetising in all situations. 

By allowing Him, He will transform us from bland mortals, into well seasoned immortals.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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This week has been hectic, with a couple of curve balls thrown my way.

While considering what to share with my ‘WordPress Family’, my mind turned completely blank, so I turned to my faithful digital scrapbook. The place in my computer where all my nice, not so nice(confronting/challenging), memorable stories and pictures live. I use to print them out and past them into a real book, but they arrived at such speed that I stored them to do later, then they just stayed stored.

From time to time, I go through them and find just the right story or article for whatever situation, I might be going through. They often inspire me and impart wisdom, during those ‘Blah Days’, when life just seems to takes over.

I can take no credit for this piece of writing as it came from this file, but I did think it worth sharing with you all

 Law of the Garbage Truck – Good Advice

One day I hopped in a taxi and we took off for the airport. We were driving in the right lane when suddenly a black car jumped out of a parking space right in front of us. My taxi driver slammed on his brakes, skidded, and missed the other car by just inches! The driver of the other car whipped his head around and started yelling at us. My taxi driver just smiled and waved at the guy. And I mean, he was really friendly.

So I asked, ‘Why did you just do that? This guy almost ruined your car and sent us to the hospital!’ 

This is when my taxi driver taught me what I now call, ‘The Law of the Garbage Truck.’ He explained that many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it and sometimes they’ll dump it on you. Don’t take it personally. Just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. Don’t take their garbage and spread it to other people at work, at home, or on the streets.

The bottom line is that successful people do not let garbage trucks take over their day. Life’s too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so… love the people who treat you right. Pray for the ones who don’t.

Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it!

Have a blessed, garbage-free day!

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For new followers of this blog, I decided back in July to set out on a new journey of self discovery. I have found it both challenging and rewarding. Let me introduce you to my first ‘Purple Project Post’, so you can get a bit of an idea.


The Purple Project. Week 1

It is said that purple can represent royalty, with darker hues suggesting magic and mystery. As a woman I would like to be treated as a princess and a little bit of magic and mystery can go a long way, when it comes to achieving our life goals.

What does the princess do though, when she forgets how precious she is? When the regal purple robes turn to drab shades of grey and the tiara that is supposed to be on her head, is lost to the dress up box of childhood memories?

This is the dilemma many of us find ourselves in.

I recently decided to reclaim my rightful throne, dress in something purple every day and reinvent myself, by bringing this rich colour into my life. It is amazing how much purple I actually have in my wardrobe, once I take a look.

Some days you may have to look hard to see it, but it will be there. Sometimes on show, sometimes hidden.

Let ‘The Purple Project’ begin.


As I head into week nine of this adventure, I have experianced a whole range of thoughts and emotions. Things that I percieved might happen have not, yet some unexpected treasures are presenting themselves in such creative ways, that I am enjoying the thrill of expectancy.

I do have one tale to tell though, the day I forgot to wear purple. A recent trip to get my car checked out after a re-call, saw me rushing out of the house early in the morning to allow plenty of time for traffic. It was as I wandered the shops (well a girl has to do something for the two hours wait), that I realized in my haste, I was not wearing anything purple.

Now I knew that the world was not about to collapse on me, but a little panic set in and I just happened to walk past a clearance rack of scarfs. One miraculously jumped into my hands and before I knew it, it was paid for and around my neck. (Well that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.) Not wanting to make the same mistake again, I have now painted my toe nails a rich, dark purple. If the weather continues to warm up they may even get to be seen.

It is an incredible journey that I find myself on and I am starting to wonder. What would happen if I coloured my world green or orange? But that might be a whole new story.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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When the going gets tough

Most of the great lessons we learn in life come from the hard times, sometimes even tragic circumstances. While I would have liked to have avoided some of those events in my own life, I have come to embrace the fact that if I look deep enough, there is usually a positive ending to most of those situations. Just like we see in all the great movies. In the Bible we can read about many stories of personal difficulties and conflict, which I have found to be challenging as well as rewarding over the years.

By choosing to learn and grow through all of our own life experiences I believe God can build them into something meaningful. Personal testimony is very powerful, and while I do not encourage people to dwell too much on their past, I do revel in hearing their stories of hope and promise for a better future. Appreciating that their God, is also, my God.

One of my favorite quotes is. ‘God never transfers your prayer to an answering machine, He takes each prayer personally.’

Perhaps you could give Him a call.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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