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Plagiarism is a nasty word in writing circles. When an authors work is suddenly discovered to share the same words and phrases as another it is condemned and the public out cry spreads far and wide.

This week I was considering one book that has been copied, imitated, quoted from, as well as translated into hundreds of different languages. Even I have been known to use some of its texts in my writings. I’m sure you have guessed where I’m going with this. Many years ago I came across the following piece about The Bible and I thought I’d share it with you all today.

The Publishers Warning

 Please do not read this if you have no wish to be different. It is a book that changes people. We can accept no liability as to the consequences of reading further.

 It’s the only 2,000 year old book that most people have heard of. Historians learn from it. Scientists draw on its dates. Ecologists are amazed by its relevance. Novelists, film directors and script writers use it frequently today. Preachers depend on it. Some are bored by it. It’s a controversial and revolutionary book. Some countries ban it, but still it gets smuggled in. It remains on the world’s best seller list.

 It’s frank about sex, passionate about truth, honest about failure. It’s realistic about life, war, murder, affairs, polygamy, hypocrisy, jealousy and death. Yet it drives people to new depths of friendship, to share their money, visit hospitals, oppose slavery and set off alone to China.

 It teaches honesty, self-control, discipline, giving and goodness. It lights up love and inspires kindness, gentleness, openness and a total trust in God in all the experiences of everyday life. It proclaims joy in the face of suffering, hope in the teeth of death and purpose amidst chaos and confusion.

 It has changed the course of history and transformed the life of individuals. It challenges our thinking, humbles our pride, teaches us to pray. It has turned cobblers into missionaries, chefs into pastors, messenger boys into youth workers and thieves into honest citizens. Is secret is that it introduces us to God and His thinking.

 Nobody is too simple to grasp its simple directions. Nobody is too sharp to master its depths. It contains mystery, raises mind-boggling questions, expresses its truth in poetry, puzzles, riddles and codes.

 Maybe this book is for you. It’s called The Bible.

Author Unknown


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Ok folks it’s confession time.

A follow-up on my NaNoWriMo meltdown

After a good start in the NaNoWriMo stakes, I was feeling more than a little pleased with myself. My performance and what I was churning out day after day was giving me a great thrill as the NaNo’ graph had me finishing the 50,000 word count with days to spare. Caught in the grip of ‘NaNo Fever’ I lived, breathed and perspired (women don’t sweat) over the pages of writing that were amassing in front of my very eyes. I was excited, very excited.

 Then it hit me or did I hit it? All the things that I was putting on hold, just to reach this November thirty deadline. Important things like family and friends and my responsibilities towards the community in the volunteer programmes I’m involved with. I wasn’t even sure whether I had a book in me, but here I was pounding away at the computer and neglecting the continuity of love, respect and value that I already had from those around me. A crash was imminent.

 For me, I decided, that writing like this was indeed dangerous for my health. A day of feeling physically sick, wrestling with my fears and doubts had me bound up in a deep dark place. Unable to face my computer, not even wanting to go to Writers Group I decided that I had to stop, pull myself together and take a good hard look at what I was doing to myself.

 Then that still quiet voice challenged me to take a look in that mirror, and remind that person not to be too harsh on them selves. Resetting my goal to 30,000 was a compromise; I was not giving up, I still had a destination to reach.  Now I am thrilled to have crossed that line, with 2,000 words to spare, giving me something to work on in the New Year. Homework for writers group has been completed with pleasure, even writing a ‘Blog Post’ has seemed like a walk in the park, compared to the pressures of NaNo’.

So do I believe that writing is dangerous for you health? 

No, not really. On the whole I find it a cathartic time. A good place to reminisce with my past, capture lost dreams and navigate a world of fantasy. I believe it has the power to heal and bring restoration, as dark secrets are brought to light, then dealt with in the hands of characters and plots.

 I love writing. I love the quirkiness of having a single word or line, then having to wrap a poem or story around it. I love the surprise of reading the unexpected on a page and wondering who this Sandie really is.

 But I do need balance.I need to; walk those rhythmic shore lines, listen to the harmony in the sand and surf, scavenge the beach for little treasures of inspiration, then soar as I take flight and see what the future has to offer.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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I love watching the sun set over the ocean. It one of the privileges of  life that I am able to experience, as I live on the west coast of Australia. During the hot summer months, it is a treat to travel to Fremantle, which is a busy bustling area with lots of places to eat, pavement coffee shops and some of the worlds best Fish and Chips. We are never alone as we sit on a bench or limestone wall,  surrounding us are many like-minded people, all gathering to witness the close of another day and usher in the darkness of night.

Mechanically we feed food into our mouths, not wanting to miss any of the spectacle that is happening in front of us. The ocean picks up the colours of summer fruits, as the searing sun fades to a mangos and peaches smorgasbord. Cameras snap away, attempting to capture the moment for eternity and I realize how many times I have done the same. Wanting to hold onto precious times, relive a past event, often never returning to them, because we get caught up in the busyness of today and the tomorrows.

As a part of connecting with the ocean and its rhythm I have been scouring some of those snaps, it has been a happy sad time, as I’ve stared into the faces of people who have since passed away, there are holiday moments that bring a huge smile to my face and then there are those distant places that I still call home, but visit so rarely.

The bright vibrant colour of orange, has colluded with the word objective and together we are transitioning a new work in my life. In many ways, as on a colour wheel, it is completely opposite to purple and my ‘Purple Project’, where I set out to wear something purple each day and grow into my regal princess position, one of confidence and authority.

As I investigate these emotions, I find myself checking my responses in line with my Christian values and beliefs. Then as recommended in Cheryl Richardson’s book (The art of extreme self-care), navigate ways in which I can learn from the oceans continuity, allowing rhythm and routine to better schedule my life. There is a saying that goes, ‘If you want to get something done ask a busy person’. This is true on many occasions, but I recently discovered, as I set out to attempt NaNoWriNo, everyone has their limits.

Knowing who we are and what we are capable of is important. Whether we need to be stretched to explore  a greater potential, or have our wings clipped to slow life down brings many challenges.

One thing I do know for sure is, that celebrating the close of a productive day with a majestic sunset, connects me to my faith, stills my soul and sets me up for what ever life may throw at me next.

My selection of photos for you today have all been taken in Western Australia. Top right is north of Perth, near a small country town called Dongara. Middle left is in Fremantle and the bottom one is taken on Rottnest Island, a short distance from Fremantle. All are wonderful places to explore.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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The final installment of ‘Billboards from God’.

My Dear Friend. Follow me. Love from God

My Dear Friend. Don’t make me come down there. Love from God

My Dear Friend. Big bang theory….You’ve got to be kidding. Love from God

My Dear Friend. My way is the highway. Need directions? Love from God

My Dear Friend. You think it’s hot here? Love from God

My Dear Friend. Have you read my #1 best seller? There will be a test. Love from God

My Dear Friend. Do you have any idea where you are going? Love from God

It looks like I will have to get back to creating my own post for next Friday. Have a lovely day and a fantastic weekend.                                             

 God bless, Sandie

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Writers Group never ceases to surprise me as we; put pen to paper, create written drama and visualize the unexpected.  Leadership for each week is rotated through the group, which is a great idea as it broadens the versatility of the topics and genres we get to cover. It also takes the pressure off of the facilitator to come up with a ‘Work Shop’ each week.

A couple of weeks ago we had the poetry prompt ‘Swirls of Dust’ and ten minutes to write. For me, it created a fantastic visual in my head and I thought I’d share my end result.

Swirls of Dust


 It dances along an outback track      

Pirouetting to the breeze

Twirling to the wind

Curtseying to the mighty gums

 It jumps over barren valleys

Hovers over bushy pathways

Then rests in majestic branches

Before falling to its knees


Moistened by the night-time air

It sticks like glue to the earth

Tired and weary it sleeps awhile

Till sun raises its golden orb

And then dust dances, to the thermals once more.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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I will have to give up Oranges if they cause me to have too many deep and meaningfuls with myself!

After a mini meltdown last week I was; encouraged by friends, given a surprise gift and reminded that for the next month rhythm and routine is the name of the game.

Friends are an incredible power house for us to draw on, when we navigate one of ‘Those Kinds of Days’. Days when you feel lost and overwhelmed by all that has to be achieved, even things on the not necessary list somehow become a priority. Before you know it, you curl up in a faithful armchair with a mug of strong coffee and nothing is achieved at all, as your head spins out of control.

The one wise thing I did do, was admit my feelings.  I’d felt very honoured earlier in the year, to be invited to join a ‘Christian Writers Prayer Group’, so I sent out a call to this group of special people via email. Slowly, as I asked them to support me in prayer, I saw the root of my problem open up in front of me. Confession really is good for the soul, as before email responses had even arrived, my spirit was lifted and emotional healing was taking place.

My Writing Group also listened as I explained that the whole NaNoWriMo project was over whelming and instead of pushing me on, understood. So too did another close writing friend. I’ve not given up with NaNo’, just been more realistic with what I can physically achieve, setting my personal goal to 30,000 words.

Then I was given a surprise package that had been sent from the Eastern States. ‘The Writers Remedy’ came gift wrapped, consisting of a small bottle with small magnetic words, suitable for people with ‘Writers Block’. It created a wonderful ‘Chill Out Time’, as I placed them on the fridge door and just had to play. For a whole hour I played…..Then I sent off a thank you email. It was a wonderful gift and the timing just perfect.

A walk along the shores of the Indian Ocean, although tempting, wasn’t going to eventuate this week. So instead I looked through my photo albums, reminiscing about some of the wonderful coastal walks I have taken. Special memories are captured in each picture.

Thank you for dropping by and reading todays post. I still have a bit of catching up to do………. Have a great week everyone.

P.S. Keep writing. It may not cure everything, but it can help to heal a lot of old wounds.               

Images top to bottom. Cape Range National Park, Nr Exmouth in Western Australia. Southern Ireland. Vietnam.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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More ‘Billboards from God’ to brighten your day.

From an unknown source.

My Dear Friend. Tell the kids I love them. Love from God

My Dear Friend. Let’s meet at my house on Sunday, before the game. Love from God

My Dear Friend. C’mon over and bring the kids. Love from God

My Dear Friend. What part of  ‘Though shall not’, didn’t you understand? Love  from God

My Dear Friend. We need to talk. Love  from God

My Dear Friend. Keep using my name in vain and I’ll make the rush hour longer. Love from God.

My Dear Friend. Loved the wedding. Now, will you invite me to the marriage? Love from God

My Dear Friend. That ‘Love thy neighbour’ thing. I meant it. Love from God

My Dear Friend. I love you and you and you and you and……..Love from God

My Dear Friend. Will the road you are on get you to my place? Love from God.

Thank you for visiting Sandie’s Snippets. Have a great weekend.

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