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P1050098Currently I am evaluating 2012 and wondering what the year 2013 should look like.

Setting some achievable goals is paramount to realizing our full potential and it is my belief that many of us set ourselves up for failure before we even get started, by setting the level of achievement way too high.

Focusing on how to reach our potential, over seeing each and every milestone, with small yet solid steps, could result in dreams turning into reality, hopes being realized and the unimaginable experienced in wonderfully creative ways.

Last year was the first year I didn’t proclaim a ‘New Years Resolution’. It was the first year I didn’t fail in my decision-making process within the first month, and I managed to achieve; mind-boggling steps into the unknown, heart breaking conflict as I challenged past mindsets, allowed awe-inspiring ideas to come to light and placed my written thoughts into the hands of a world audience.

The roller coaster of 2012 is fading into the past and it was year of mixed emotions, a year to draw on as I write my way into the future. I boldly quoted Byron at the start of 2012, declaring that there was ‘Pleasure in the Pathless Woods,’ little realizing the power it would have on my life, as I sat and waited for inspiration to come.

Pioneering a new path for my life was not without its pot holes, change did not necessarily suit those around me and while there was a cheer squad urging me on, I very much sensed there were those who became fearful of the new Sandie starting to emerge.

As I write this it makes me sit back, stare at the words on the page and ask difficult questions, ones that probably need an answer.

Am I chasing impossible dreams?

Do I have the courage and stamina to partake in this writing relay?

Am I fit enough to compete in a pentathlon of wordy events and projects?

What do I want to gain from this experience?

What sacrifices will I have to make?

What sacrifices am I prepared to make?

…..the list could go on and on and on.

I am beginning to sense that 2013 is a make or break year for me; It’s time to discover once and for all, my creative gifts and their potential. Working on my 30,000 word NaNoWriMo attempt and bringing it to a marketable completion, is high on my list of projects. Yet somehow, I need to create a balance, where I can enjoy the isolation of my own creative space and continue to build the communicator that lives within, the one who loves to be surrounded with people.

It is a challenging call, one in which I will continue to share with you all as you read my posts in 2013.

A big thank you to those who have come along side me during 2012. As we turn the page and usher in a new chapter for 2013, I pray that we will find wisdom and guidance in all that we do.

God bless you


© Sandie’s Snippets 2012


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With the decision to start blogging in June this year, I feel as though I have been embraced by an extended family of writerly friends. It has been a Roller Coaster journey into the unknown, one where I have come across some amazing people, corresponded with folk from all around the world and more than once felt totally out of my depth.

I would like to thank those of you who chose to follow my blog, numbers were important in those early days and it spurred me on to watch them grow. The encouraging messages that were left have also been a great blessing to me, some weeks, when I wondered what on earth I was trying to achieve, someone always had the right word to say.

As we come towards the close of 2012, I’d like to wish you love, joy, peace and happiness for the Christmas season and pray that 2013 is filled with more of the same.

christmas in australiaI’ll catch up with you all again in the new year.

God bless


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Gift listSlowly I am working through my lists.

Shopping Lists,

Gift Lists,

Jobs List,

Special Events Lists

and a

Holiday list, which is slowly growing to epic proportions.

Lists are very much a part of my life as I have a memory like a sieve. Fortunately for me, I’m pretty sure it is not age related, as I have been like this for as long as I can remember.

Struggling through school and facing exams was a nightmare (give me an assignment any day), remembering those odd jobs people ask me to do without noting them down, can make me appear rude. So too can invitations that don’t come into my inbox or on pretty bits of paper.

The start of a new year sees me writing up all the birthdays and anniversaries onto a calendar that is placed in a prominent position. All sorts of things get added over the year and this helps me no end, when I have to write-up a Christmas Newsletter to post out to friends and family overseas. A job I have completed this week – Yay.

My phone also has the ability to remind me of various occasions and keep notes. My problem being, that I forget to use it to its full potential, being completely bamboozled over Cloud technology and worry I will lose my precious electronic gadget.

Then I have my fridge which becomes a magnetic pin board, with notes stuck to every bit of available space allowing me to triple check my schedules.

To many, this ritual and routine would be over the top, silly and unnecessary, yet to me it is a lifeline. We all have our own way of doing things and as we master this journey called life, we need to use every tool available to us. It has held me in good stead for so many years, that while I can embrace change it is often so much easier to stick with what I know.

While Santa has a ‘Naughty and Nice’ list, mine is a much more practical. A good old-fashioned, notebook and pen, which suits me just fine at the moment, but I feel a change is in the air. I have added an iPad to my Christmas wish list. Perhaps if I have been a very good girl it could change my life, clear my fridge, do away with notes stacked upon notes, clear my calendar and become an ‘iBuddy’, whispering all those reminders into my ears.

As all of you negotiate your lists, wether they are mental or physical, remember to set aside some personal time for yourself. Sending off my Christmas Cards and Newsletter was a major achievement this week, so I rewarded myself with a cafe bought coffee and a read of  magazine. It was very enjoyable after all that writing, typing, licking and sticking, just before before fixing a stamp to all that Snail-Mail.

Look after yourselves in the lead up to Christmas 2012.

You are worth it.

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I don’t know about anyone else, but at the moment I am feeling a little time starved. My jobs list is growing by the day and I am beginning to wonder how I am going to fit everything in. It is my sincere hope, that as all the end of year parties, lunches and wind ups happen there will be a lot less pressure to be in several places at the same time.

Being involved with several different groups keeps life interesting, negotiating my own hours is a blessing, but I do need to take a step back and spend some additional time on my home and family over this Christmas season.

From next week I will be cutting back on my posts for a few weeks and updating just once a week.

Blogging has been a wonderful adventure into the unknown. I have loved meeting new people through this form of social media and look forward to sharing more with you all in the new year.

In the meantime, I came across another golden oldie from my scrapbook and thought it worth posting.

We are all special and have an abundance of gifts and talents. Sometimes we can waste a lot of time trying to be like someone else when we need to just be ourselves.

free-tool-vectorThe Tools Quarrel

The carpenter’s tools had a conference. Brother hammer was in the chair. The meeting had informed him that he must leave because he was too noisy.

“Alright I will leave. But if I go, Brother Screw most go too. You have to turn him around and around again and again to get him to go anywhere.”

 Brother Screw then said, “If you wish, I will go, but Brother Plane must leave also. All of his work is on the surface and there is never any depth to it.”

 To this, Brother Plane replied, “Well Brother Rule will also have to withdraw if I do for he is always measuring folk as though he were the only one who is right.”

 Brother Rule then complained against Brother Sandpaper and said, “I just don’t care: he is rougher than he ought to be and he is always rubbing people the wrong way.”

 In the midst of these discussions the Carpenter of Nazareth walked in. He had come to perform His days work. He put on his apron and went to make a pulpit from which to preach the Gospel to the poor. He used the Saw, the Screw, the Plane, the Rule and the Sandpaper.

 After the days work was done and the pulpit was finished, Brother Saw arose again and said. “Brethren, I perceive that all of us are labourers together with God.”

 There was not an accusation against any of the tools that was not true. Yet the Carpenter, Jesus Christ, used every one of them. And there was not a place where He used one of them where another would have done.

 You all have a very special place in the family of God. And He will use each one of usif we let Him, to express His love and handiwork to all those we get to meet.

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Poetry Diamonds

Diamond Poetry has been a form of writing which I have come to enjoy over the last couple of years, so I thought I might share the following with you all.


Natural Rustic

Inspiring Nurturing Resting

Landscape Trees Sky Space

Building Driving Shopping

Manic Busy




Wet Droplets

Nurturing Watering Saturating

Rivers Umbrellas Coats Hats

Warming Drying Smiling

Cloudless Cheer




Solid Rustic

Growing Changing Moulding

Plants Animals Rivers Trees

Fading Ebbing Disappearing

Sand Waves




Bright Cheerful

Loving Singing Living

Hearts Chocolate Flowers Hospital

Crying Grieving Mourning

Sadness Darkness



© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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‘Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breath out.’ Those were the words that I had floating through my mind, as I sat in the waiting room. ‘Breathe in, breathe out.’

My heart was thumping, keeping in time with my knocking knees and my blood pressure had probably sky rocketed, while I sat there. Deep breaths in and long lazy breaths out.

Waiting rooms are notorious areas for silences, where magazines are out dated and every new arrival gets the once over. Then there is that one child that always seems to have their volume turned up, with a fresh set of batteries, causing them to bounce all over the place. ‘Keep breathing,’ I say to myself, keep breathing .’

Visiting the dentist has always been a stressful event for me. Ever since I was a small child and had this elderly gent, with nicotine covered hands and the smell of cigarette smoke, shoving his fingers into my mouth.

Then came the time I needed an extraction due to overcrowding. I don’t know if I was ever told what was about to happen, but suddenly a black rubber mask seemed to pin me to the chair and trauma set in. I’ve been a big sook ever since.

Finding a nice Dentist has been a battle. Someone who understands my fears, without trying to max out the credit card with fancy dental work, has also been an issue. Last week I met Dr Amanda *** she was young, respectful, understanding and compassionate.

She has not completely changed my feelings towards dentists, but I have already made my appointment with her for six months time. I’m sure my knees will still knock and my breathing will still be laboured, but I will keep at it.

I guess my point to all this is to say, we should not put off all those important visits that relate to good health, due to fear and a bad experience. There is a great victory to be won, when we overcome our fears.

If you are overdue any type of medical procedure, perhaps it is time to make that appointment.

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