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P1050419I have been home from my holiday for just over a week and apart from catching up on some long overdue chores, I have been attempting to find my feet, reset some focus and gather the energy to move forward. In all honesty, I feel a bit of a wreck that needs more than a little bit of TLC.

Holidays are meant to be restful, a time to recharge our batteries, yet I seem to struggle. It’s not a new feeling, the more I see of the world around me, the more I realize how small I am and how big our surroundings are.

Our trip from Perth to Melbourne and back saw us cover 6,760 kilometers in our energetic Suzuki Swift. She did us proud and suffered only slight damage when a rock hit the windscreen, something that still needs to be fixed. We met new people, explored magnificent countryside, even found a few restoration projects(see above) that my hubby would have loved to bring home. For now he will have to settle with the picture, as he is already working on one in his spare time.

We enjoyed a luxurious cruise from Melbourne to New Zealand, where I was treated like a princess, enjoying the pleasures of no housework, no meals to prepare and all the entertainment I wanted to participate in, at my feet.

New Zealand and its people were inspirational and somewhere I definitely want to return to. Our five port stops only gave us a taste of what the country has to offer and I am sure there is a smorgasbord to feast on.

Holidays are wonderful experiences and although I’m finding it hard to regain my creative lifestyle, I set my alarm for an early morning wake up call. Knowing that I have to apply myself to the job at hand, get up and sit at the computer, because good intentions do not produce a word count.

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