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Social MediaFinally hit the beginning of a new week and turned up at my desk . It’s a bit late in the day (1.30pm), as an impromptu catch up with a writerly friend this morning, had us deliberating over the pro’s and cons of Social Media yet again.

One of the links on my personal Facebook page has been on my mind during the last couple of weeks. It spoke of us ‘Instantgramming Our Perfect Lives’, a look at living our lives through social media and all the implications it has for many of us. The very fact that I am writing this blog implies that I have embraced the social media platform, yet as I read all of your blog posts, reading some of the well voiced feedback, I realize I am not alone in doubting the benefits of the ‘Social Media Bandwagon’.

Are some of us living in the fantasy world of a self-created platform, where we portray only what we want people to see and believe. The nice, hard-working side, where a blogger tells the most creative and inspiring stories, without telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

My friend can spend up to five working hours a day, responding to emails and actively commenting and updating on her Social Media sites. So much so, that any real writing time is consumed and placed on the back burner.

We parted, resolving to do something about this time thief and so I have just deactivated some of the sites I have participated in. Allowing a weighty relief to wash over me.

I’m not saying Social Media is bad, as I believe it has tremendous benefits. However for me it has had me sitting at my desk, wondering what to Tweet, pondering over a book review or replying to various comments.  I have felt paralyzed in my creativity, feeling compelled to come up with the goods or become overwhelmed with a sense of guilt that I call myself a writer and am unable to write.

This Blog, is now the only avenue of Social Media that I will be participating in as Sandie’s Snippets. I have also reduced some of my personal links, believing this will restore a much more balanced lifestyle. I don’t want to go to bed feeling as though I’ve raced through another unproductive day, then stay awake wondering how to best schedule tomorrows activities.

More power to me and less focus on the ‘Social Media Time Thief’ I’m thinking.

Only time will tell.

© Sandie’s Snippets, 2013.


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photo[1]After weeks of building and renovating I have finally moved into my new work area. Tuesday it was clean, tidy and everything had a special spot to live. Wednesday I left some papers spread across the desk in my rush for writers group and was surrounded by; an empty mug, various sheets of paper that needed filing, my writing journal, a piece of homework that had been typed up, two used tissues, a dumped bag and a pair of sunnies that I’d lost the previous evening. All in all, I think I am now moved in and eager to get back to work. The kind that doesn’t involve laying bricks, painting or shifting furniture.

One of the more fun aspects of the move, was a space to create and hang an old door covered in a collection of Bric-a-Brac that has been hidden away and stored for many years; A horseshoe that was once fixed to the wall of  Pete’s Grandfathers farm in the UK. A door knocker given to us by an elderly aunt before we emigrated. Some family brass, inherited and previously neglected. A bunch of rusty old keys, which I can’t resist collecting. A paper mache bug of unknown identity, created by a grandchild, as well as a novelty Emergency Exit sign, requested by my hubby.

This vast space is amazing. Being surrounded by all our books is comforting and pictures already fixed to the walls is inspiring.

Now what was I going to write?

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