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stock-illustration-8345458-cartoon-doctor-with-syringeI have been fortunate to have led a fairly healthy life. One where Dr’s visits have been for pregnancy, basic symptoms of easily treatable ailments, as well as the regular periodic medical that we ladies put ourselves through. My last visit was sixteen months ago and did give me cause for concern, but proved to be nothing to worry about.

Today I was in the consulting room once more and realized that aging has its pitfalls, especially when a GP tells you that for your age you have left it a long time between visits. Is it just a revenue raising exercise I think to myself, as my blood pressure is taken and a biannual check of bloods is arranged. It’s a good job my blood pressure reading had been done, because by now I was imagining my visit to the vampire, better known as the Phlebotomists. No one else in the family suffers as I do when it comes to needles. They think it quite funny that I can literally pass out which adds to my humiliation, so often it is done in stealth mode and no one knows until it is over.

It all seems so silly when I consider the tragedy of world events and the trauma that hits many families. Yet to me, the fear is real. Give me a snake or spider any day.

No one in my family knows that my tummy is having a nervous twinge or two, that I will be fasting from midnight tonight and I will bravely face my fears in just over seventeen hours.  Only you, my blogging friends are privy to this information, and I know you are not going to embarrass me.

On a positive note, I was Bulk Billed through our Medicare system, which made it a free visit. And I can already smell the coffee that I will be rewarding myself with after the event, before heading off to writers group for another exciting morning.


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writingThis week I had the amazing job of leading our creative writing group, focusing on an image for a competition that is coming up later in the year. Work-shopping ideas and focusing on different points of view, brought about a great deal of discussion and debate, while our creative minds wrote some thought-provoking pieces. These will hopefully move us forward in the preparation of entries.

Poking my toes into the sea of competitions has stretched my writing boundaries. While I may not have won anything as yet, I always read the winning entries and have found their style and structure educational.

Poetry is slowly becoming a form of expression that I love. It grips me emotionally, tugs at my heart strings and brings out what is deep within. These short, sharp lines, have the ability to create a visual impact, making me feel as though I am painting a canvas with words. Sometimes I need to adjust the tone, paint over a section, revise my spelling, double and triple check grammar.

Then I must teach myself to stand back and say, ‘I did that’

(c) Sandie’s Snippete 2013

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showThis week I made the two-hour drive south of Perth, spent the night at one of my daughters homes and had the privilege of being thirteen year old Amy’s slave for the day. Amy managed to break her arm on the first day of the school holidays and has had everyone running around after her ever since. With three adult children, it has been years since I helped with a school project and I have to say, I think I have missed those special times.

It did help that the homework was based around a book, Theodore Taylor‘s – ‘The Cay’. I’d not read it and was thrilled to hear my grand-daughter describe in detail, the events that took place. Questions about the characters were asked and answered with enthusiasm. Then I opened random pages, pulling out the weird and wonderful questions, that only grand-parents seem to be able to ask. In the end Amy turned to YouTube and found a clip that we could watch together, before we created a board-game that could tell the story.

Drawing is one of Amy’s many talents, so I’m sure my best efforts will look like Amy’s left-handed attempt. Cutting silhouette shapes of islands, boats, palm trees, bombs as well as 100 discs as stepping-stones to land on, seemed to take forever. Then there was designing and creating four mini rafts out of pop-sticks and paper, to use as counters.

We brainstormed ideas, laughed as the paper and glue-stick became entangled and finally stood back with admiration at our shared efforts.

It was a very special time and made me realise, that in many ways I am busier now than I ever was when I had three young children and a full-time job.

Each of us have limited opportunities to influence the next generation of youngsters and I think I need to find a bit more time to do these kinds of things, before it is too late. Although with thirteen Grandies, ranging from five to nineteen it is going to be a challenge.

(c) Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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