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This week…

This week I…

This week I feel…

This week I feel like…

This week I feel like scrambled egg.

A little cracked, broken open and put on the hot plate of life.


I’m sharing this because I know many of us journey difficult times. Many of us witness friends battling difficult situations and when we do, the best thing is to attempt to turn those circumstances into a positive encounter.

It is both a trial and a privilege to walk the cancer journey with someone. This week one dear lady I know has lost her battle, while another that I am particularly close to has had a difficult week and is unable to have her next, much-needed Chemo’ treatment. Yet another has been posting a very compelling blog about her cancer journey (https://breastcancerreadyornot.wordpress.com/).

Scrambled eggs are one of my all time favorites. Just add a bit of bacon and a couple slices of toast and it is my ideal comfort food. This week I think I can name those friends who have gathered around, jumped on my plate and become the rashers of bacon and slices of toast.

2889771862_1bff3c4007When we surround ourselves with good friends we don’t have to journey tough times in isolation and I realize how blessed I am to have my support network around me.

Some weeks we give out of our friendships, this week however it is time for me to eat up their love and encouragement.

I have delicious friends.


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Do you ever get caught up in the baffling scenario of thinking ‘no’ and mysteriously ‘yes’ comes out of your mouth?

When you say ‘yes’ to others, make sure you aren’t saying ‘no’ to yourself. Paulo Coelho

This quote by Paulo Coelho struck a chord with me this week and is something to ponder on as I continue my regime of taking some additional ‘Time Out’.

A beautiful spot close to where I live. Water and greenery is an instant tonic and I have settled for this as my current desktop image as it was at a local wedding venue.

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