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This week I signed up for Pinterest and I have to say, it was done with attitude, as I had no desire to add to my social networking sites.

‘Why?’ I hear you ask.

I wanted to find some adult colouring sheets and there are hundreds, if not thousands to be found there.

Recently, several people have shared a page on Facebook about an adult colouring book that was available for sale. The child within took a trip down memory lane, remembering Christmas Stockings filled with goodies, the most precious being a colouring book and brand new felt tip pens.

A quiet longing to sit and add colour to a black and white page crept up on me, surprising me, inspiring me to go on a search. I found Paisley Cats, Geometric Designs, Whimsical Gardens and so many more fantasy filled images.

Childhood games and activities did more than occupy my time as a child. They played an important part in shaping who I became as an adult and I think that sometimes it is good to retrace our memories and learn how to play again.

Maybe, just maybe, you would benefit from taking a trip down memory lane too. Paint a picture. Write a poem. Blow bubbles. Try your hand at skipping. Build with Lego. Make shapes with Play Dough/Plasticine…………

Now I will say ‘Cheerio’, so I can get back to blending shades and colouring within the lines.

coloriage-adulte-difficile-16 gratuit à imprimer


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