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This novel gardening piece recently came into my inbox and I thought it was worth sharing with you all.


How To Plant a Great Garden In 2013

1, Peace of mind. 2, Peace of heart. 3, Peace of soul.

1, Squash gossip. 2, Squash indifference. 3, Squash grumbling.
4, Squash selfishness.

1, Lettuce be faithful. 2, Lettuce be kind. 3, Lettuce be patient
4, Lettuce really love one another

1, Turnip for meetings. 2, Turnip for service. 3, Turnip to help one another

1, Thyme for each other. 2, Thyme for family. 3, Thyme for friends.


*I think I need to print this off and put it in a prominant position.


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Moving on from ‘The Purple Project’.

The word objective has come to mind and links in with where I feel this journey may be leading next. Checking out a dictionary the word objective means; external to the mind, actually existing, not influenced by personal feeling or opinions.

As a hormonal, post menopausal woman, I have been known to react emotionally to things and situations around me (Just ask my family – Actually no, don’t ask my family, they may tell you the truth). As I focus on the future I believe there is a need for me to do three things; set my sights on where I believe I should be headed, continue to build my skills and finally, walk faithfully towards my goals without wavering or getting caught up by my emotions.

As I enter into this new season in my life, a beautiful mango shade of orange has crept in, promoting new thoughts, new ideas and a fresh brightness, colouring my world with sunset hues. After last weeks post, a good friend sent an email with the image of an orange on it, the words NOT PURPLE were pasted over the top and brought about a huge smile that brightened my day. In appreciation, and as a tribute to this, I have created my own original version that you can see below.

The oranges reminded me of a piece I wrote some time ago about life being like an orange, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Life is like oranges, sometimes sweet and sometimes sour. It depends on circumstances and what comes into their lives that dictate their taste. On the surface an orange may appear full of zest and portray the promise of a good heart. But sometimes due to the lack of nutrients and water the inside can be dry and unpalatable.

The same can be said of the human heart. Without love and nurture we too can be dry and unsavoury. Looking good does not necessarily mean that all is well.

At times we need kind words and friendship to cut through the outward appearance, to water and cultivate us to our full potential.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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This is a picture of a very large ‘Port Jackson Fig’ that sits in my local park. It is one of the few remaining trees that were part of a garden belonging to a family that settled here and had a home on the site. Unseen in this picture, around the other side of the trunk is a metal post, which has long-lost its purpose for being there, yet still remains. Solid, upright and buried in a bed of concrete.

The tree has had to adapt to it and the result is, that the base of the tree and its roots are moulding their way around this un-wanted, intrusion. Eventually the post may rust away,  break off, or a keen-eyed gardener may thoughtfully cut it away. If it is ignored though, there is a possibility that the tree may end up encasing all visual trace of it, the un-natural, un-welcome flaw remaining deep inside the trees system.

Our lives can sometimes be like that too. People around us may not necessarily see what is going on, but deep inside we may well be aware that there are parts of our lives, which we are growing around. Some of these situations, could become completely covered up, as we strive to work through them and accommodate their hold.

We all go through troubled times, where we can carry and bare the wounds of our past, but they do not have to define who we are today, or hinder our futures. Acceptance and forgiveness allows us to find an inner peace, where we can adapt to changing circumstances with wisdom and grace.

My desire is to grow older and wiser like this tree, by giving myself permission to be flexible and open to change.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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Jeremiah 29:11, ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper  you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ (NIV)

This verse in Jeremiah is often quoted and used when people are going through troubled times. It came to mind this week as I pottered in my garden.

I love to experience the different seasons, autumn and spring being my favorite. Spring officially starts in little over a week, but our seasons seem to be going through a challenging time, where trees are only just beginning to shed their leaves and bulbs are starting to flower.

Spring bulbs bring me a great deal of joy as they sway with the breeze, basking in intermittent blue skies and the warming sun.  But preparation for this delight started in the autumn, when they were purchased and chilled in the fridge to create the illusion of a colder climate. Once planted, they shot up and developed into their very pleasing of blooms.

At times, we may also get put into what seems like un-natural situations, challenged to change our mindsets. While we may not appreciate or understand the benefits of those circumstances, we could just awaken something new. Then, if planted and allowed to take root, we too could become a beautiful flower in God’s Garden.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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Western Australia is known for its pink diamonds. They are considered superior to the clear diamonds that most of us recognise in jewellery stores. Finding diamonds is back-breaking work, requiring a lot of time and effort. Where digging out tons of dirt and sorting through the material in the search of these tiny treasures, brings a great reward.

I’ve been digging through some of my older writing this week, and while much of it seems worth very little, other bits have caught my eye and seem to be worth polishing up.

One of my goals this year, was to send off a piece of writing each month for a competition or magazine. It seemed important to build my confidence, to learn how to stand tall in the public arena. Blogging has now seen me write just over 17 posts, which places me potentially, on a very big stage indeed. I have a bit of catching up to do when it comes to sending work off though. To date, there has been a poem and two short stories.

For those of us who enjoys the thrill of putting pen to paper, placing our work in the hands of others is a courageous move, but building confidence, like building anything, takes one challenge at a time.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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Have you ever planted a seed that seems to take so long to shoot that you dig it up again, just to check it is still there?

Yesterday I planted a new seed. It wasn’t in a pot or even in my garden, it was into my very own heart. I’ve had a growing awareness for some time now that I needed to take stock of my life. Follow through on some things that I should be doing, finish off those things that weigh me down and restore some unknown entity.

I was drawn to a Bible verse in the Old Testament where Jeremiah 2:2 told me, ‘I remember the devotion of your youth, how as a bride you loved me and followed me through the desert, through a land not sown.’

Memories of being a young bride stirred in my spirit, as I remembered the promises I made on my wedding day and the belief that we’d live ‘The happy ever after’ without the struggles I had witnessed in my own family home.  I smile now, as I write this, thinking how bazaar but how true that statement is. Love can make us do strange things and we can end up in some even stranger places when we are glassy eyed romantics.

Could God be telling me to be like that with Him?

‘I’ve planted my seed Lord, the one you told me to plant. Now I will wait patiently to see what comes up’.


‘I promise not to dig it up, to see what’s happening in all that dirt. But I may need your help with a little rain and some sunshine along the way.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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 A Stone Age Hill Fort in East Devon. UK.

A writing group prompt. Think and write about your favorite place. 

I wake each day to the hustle and bustle of an every day life, but in my heart I long to tread the ancient paths and footsteps of a time long forgotten.

A place of solitude, wonderment and history, races through my veins, as I consider lives once lived and a community that time has cast aside.

Who were these faces in the mists? Who were these people who walked these tracks and created mounds of protection for their loved ones?

Banks of rammed earth, creating a safe haven within, are traced with footsteps from its human visitors and wild creature as they hunt their prey.

No more a community of people, but a majestic stand of Beech, surrounds the moss covered boundaries.

A carpet of Bluebells entices me, their gentle perfume drawing me into a distant land, where triumph and tragedy mingle.

I love this place of distant dreams, but am spurred on to create new dreams, new foundations for my children, my children’s children and the generations to come.

My heritage and ancestry is challenged, I wonder, what will hold the generations to come? What will become my legacy?

Who will come after me and remember them? What will their eyes see? For when I am no more this place will still be.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012


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