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writingThis week I had the amazing job of leading our creative writing group, focusing on an image for a competition that is coming up later in the year. Work-shopping ideas and focusing on different points of view, brought about a great deal of discussion and debate, while our creative minds wrote some thought-provoking pieces. These will hopefully move us forward in the preparation of entries.

Poking my toes into the sea of competitions has stretched my writing boundaries. While I may not have won anything as yet, I always read the winning entries and have found their style and structure educational.

Poetry is slowly becoming a form of expression that I love. It grips me emotionally, tugs at my heart strings and brings out what is deep within. These short, sharp lines, have the ability to create a visual impact, making me feel as though I am painting a canvas with words. Sometimes I need to adjust the tone, paint over a section, revise my spelling, double and triple check grammar.

Then I must teach myself to stand back and say, ‘I did that’

(c) Sandie’s Snippete 2013

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This week I have been attempting to create a piece of artwork from the labyrinth story I shared a couple of weeks ago.

The invitation to place what I had written on a local website, displaying a ‘Collective Collaboration in the Creative Arts’, has been great fun. Mixing paper and ink, with colour and contrast, stirs up something deep within. I love, love, love it.

Many would not appreciate what I appear to have created, it’s classed as ‘Contemporary Art’, a mixed media display of words and texture, the image telling as much about the story as the text.

Where on earth will I put it? It’s so unlike the images I have dotted around my home. They are traditional, neat cottage garden types, surrounded with traditional furnishings and inherited family collectables.

What I can say though, is that it has been incredibly satisfying to my inner creative being, so wherever it ends up will be alright with me.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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