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photo[1]After weeks of building and renovating I have finally moved into my new work area. Tuesday it was clean, tidy and everything had a special spot to live. Wednesday I left some papers spread across the desk in my rush for writers group and was surrounded by; an empty mug, various sheets of paper that needed filing, my writing journal, a piece of homework that had been typed up, two used tissues, a dumped bag and a pair of sunnies that I’d lost the previous evening. All in all, I think I am now moved in and eager to get back to work. The kind that doesn’t involve laying bricks, painting or shifting furniture.

One of the more fun aspects of the move, was a space to create and hang an old door covered in a collection of Bric-a-Brac that has been hidden away and stored for many years; A horseshoe that was once fixed to the wall of  Pete’s Grandfathers farm in the UK. A door knocker given to us by an elderly aunt before we emigrated. Some family brass, inherited and previously neglected. A bunch of rusty old keys, which I can’t resist collecting. A paper mache bug of unknown identity, created by a grandchild, as well as a novelty Emergency Exit sign, requested by my hubby.

This vast space is amazing. Being surrounded by all our books is comforting and pictures already fixed to the walls is inspiring.

Now what was I going to write?


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9950856-paint-and-cansSettling back to life as I know it, after an extended holiday, has been a challenge. Not helped by a major renovation, turning our double garage into a new office, study, lounge area. As always, when it comes to renovations, my role tends to be one of  ‘Trades Assistant’, running around, fetching, finding, holding innate objects and fuelling the man in my life, with copious cups of coffee and meal time snacks.

I’m not grumbling. The new area is taking shape and after bricking up the gap left by removing a roller door (that was in interesting experience for the two of us, as it came crashing to the ground), rendering walls and a coat of paint, it is fast becoming something unique. Painting is not my favourite occupation, but has been placed in my arena, where I tend to wear as much paint as the walls. That is fine, until I go to the shops and discover all the splashes and splodges I missed in the shower as I go through the supermarket check out. Quite embarrassing fo me and the check out person, who just had to tell me that I had paint down my arm. Not sure who blushed the most.

Unlike the rest of our home, which is filled with treasured heirlooms, family photos and practical pieces of furniture, this has a modern, contemporary feel. Already I envision a couple of my own photos, mounted on canvases adorning the walls. My collection of books which are currently scattered around the house will have a place of honour, huddling together on shelves, creating their own work of art, enticing me to handle each one with the reverence they deserve.

There is an air of expectancy about me, the big move capturing my imagination and creating an excitement, not felt for some time. First though, I have light fittings, a rug and a couple of big old armchairs to find.

Let the shopping begin…….

© Sandie’s Snippets 2013

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I have the privilege of managing a library of Christian resources within my local church. It contains just over 2,000 books, most of which have been donated, as members of our congregation clean out over loaded shelves, ready to replace with new books.

With a library background, I sort and sift through these donations, knowing in an instant those books which will be eagerly borrowed and those that will not cut the grade. Some books have obviously been read part through, with the beginning chapters folded and even the odd bookmark in place. Others hold an aged sense of the sacred, tatty and worn, loved, read and re-read. These sit on the top shelf of our book cases like museum pieces, with the odd library borrower noticing them and commenting on their presence.

This week a new bag of donated books arrived and one particular book caught my eye. Max Lucado’s, ‘Facing Your Giants’. I like Max Lucado’s writings, they are easy to read, easy to understand and you always feel challenged with the content. ‘Facing Your Giants’ is based around the story of David and Goliath and after reading the back cover I was hooked. It told me the following.

‘You know your Goliath. You recognise his walk, the thunder of his voice. He taunts you with bills you can’t pay, people you can’t please, habits you can’t break, failures you can’t forget and a future you can’t face. But just like David you can face your giant, even if you’re not the strongest, the smartest, the best equipped, or the holiest. When you focus on giants you stumble. When you focus on God your giants tumble.’

Now that is fighting talk and as fully accredited battler, I skimmed through the book with quotes, sentences and paragraphs jumping out at me. I do know my giants, they are as familiar as my closest friends and I’m speaking it out. I’m ready to take my tiny pebble and slay them – With Gods help of course.

Guess I have found my next book to read.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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