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After a delightful breakfast with a writerly friend I was planning to come home and do some housework. Hmmmmm. So much for that idea, because instead of doing a grocery run, I came straight home, made another coffee, checked Facebook, read emails (some of which still need replies), set up a services page on my blog and am now writing a new post.

writingThe services page has come about, because a writing group friend has been studying and setting up a home based editing business. During my time at writing group, she has diligently edited all of our short stories and poems, so they could be placed in an annual anthology.  As many of us know, self promotion within the writing industry is hard work, so as well as offering her the space to promote her services, I thought some of you may appreciate adding your area of expertise to the page as well.

As an enthusiastic writer, I have not as yet had a complete book/novel published, sometimes I wonder if I ever will. I don’t believe this is a bad position to be in as writing for me is like a drug. Words on a blank page(or screen), paint pictures, reveal heart-felt truths, expose hidden dreams and create my own personal masterpiece. Once I have finished writing something I yearn to write more, it’s in my blood, I just can’t seem to help myself.

With my poor grammar and spelling skills I will always need a good editor to set me straight. My good friend D.J. from Stutely Tales(http://stutleytales.com/), spent hours with me, editing a short story a couple of years ago. Her support and advice was incredible, where I learnt a great deal about the craft of writing and dissecting the text, realising that I still have a lot to learn.

My local writing group has also been a great resource, as we regularly hand our work over to group members to be critiqued and edited before submitting to magazines and competitions. I am often amazed at how diverse the comments and feedback can be, within such a close-knit body of people.

When it comes to moving forward with my writing, I took the plunge last week and opened up my NaNoWriMo file for the first time since December. Although I was a little upset to realise that I did not save the last 2,700 words, it made pretty good reading and a buzz of excitement stirred within. With my ‘Bottled Sunshine’ (Vitamin D tablets) improving my mental health/attitude, I am preparing to launch into a fresh season of polishing up a potential book.

So I am feeling a little more encouraged and motivated at the moment and that is a very good place to be.


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sunshineI have been very slack when it comes to posting blog updates of late.

My reason?

Well I have been journeying through this place called ‘Overdoingit’, trying to juggle my way through far too many things. It was one of the main reasons I thought I’d better get my long overdue biannual health check done with my GP, (my last post tells you how that went). If all the results came back fine, then I needed to take a look at lifestyle issues and cut some more things out of my life.

I can tell you that my needle phobia sent the trainee vampire into panic mode as she attempted to find a good vein for blood. My eyes watered up and breathing became laboured, all the while I was struggling to stay calm, face my fears and not levitate out of the chair. The poor woman buckled under the pressure, turned to her supervisor and said, ‘You can do this one’. I apologised profusely when it was all over and left their chamber of horrors stating, ‘You think that was bad, you should see me at the dentists!’ On that note, a reminder for a dental check up came in the post last week and I have the good old mammogram booked in for later this week.

It seems I am once again on ‘Bottled Sunshine’. Despite our sunny Australian climate and my time spent out in the sun, I was very low on vitamin D. Probably a major cause of me feeling so overwhelmed with all that I have been trying to achieve of late. There were a couple of other issues that needed to be looked at, but on the whole I have come through it with a clean bill of health and a form to get another blood test done in a months time. Starting to dislike this very thorough GP.

Lifesaving for BeginnersOn a more positive note, I was thrilled on Saturday, to have a book review published in our Weekend paper, ‘The West Australian‘. I am now looking forward to a prize pack of five new releases.

‘Lifesaving for Beginners’, by Ciara Geraghty is a delightful read and one I would have overlooked, had it not come recommended. It sent me on a roller coaster of emotions. One minute I was smiling at the naive wisdom of Milo, a nine year old boy who wants to become a lifesaver. Then, I found myself cheering on Faith as she struggled to take on a parenting role after her mother was killed in a car accident. Kate Kavenagh also has a touching story to tell, as she is forced to connect with her past and face some family secrets. The Irish Sea separated these two families for years but that all changes with a skillfully woven series of events. With believable and thought-provoking characters, this is a novel I will remember for a long time.

Now it is time to get on with the rest of my day.

Next on the list is to follow my Doctors orders; make a cuppa and sit in the sun for at least twenty minutes.

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