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P1050098Currently I am evaluating 2012 and wondering what the year 2013 should look like.

Setting some achievable goals is paramount to realizing our full potential and it is my belief that many of us set ourselves up for failure before we even get started, by setting the level of achievement way too high.

Focusing on how to reach our potential, over seeing each and every milestone, with small yet solid steps, could result in dreams turning into reality, hopes being realized and the unimaginable experienced in wonderfully creative ways.

Last year was the first year I didn’t proclaim a ‘New Years Resolution’. It was the first year I didn’t fail in my decision-making process within the first month, and I managed to achieve; mind-boggling steps into the unknown, heart breaking conflict as I challenged past mindsets, allowed awe-inspiring ideas to come to light and placed my written thoughts into the hands of a world audience.

The roller coaster of 2012 is fading into the past and it was year of mixed emotions, a year to draw on as I write my way into the future. I boldly quoted Byron at the start of 2012, declaring that there was ‘Pleasure in the Pathless Woods,’ little realizing the power it would have on my life, as I sat and waited for inspiration to come.

Pioneering a new path for my life was not without its pot holes, change did not necessarily suit those around me and while there was a cheer squad urging me on, I very much sensed there were those who became fearful of the new Sandie starting to emerge.

As I write this it makes me sit back, stare at the words on the page and ask difficult questions, ones that probably need an answer.

Am I chasing impossible dreams?

Do I have the courage and stamina to partake in this writing relay?

Am I fit enough to compete in a pentathlon of wordy events and projects?

What do I want to gain from this experience?

What sacrifices will I have to make?

What sacrifices am I prepared to make?

…..the list could go on and on and on.

I am beginning to sense that 2013 is a make or break year for me; It’s time to discover once and for all, my creative gifts and their potential. Working on my 30,000 word NaNoWriMo attempt and bringing it to a marketable completion, is high on my list of projects. Yet somehow, I need to create a balance, where I can enjoy the isolation of my own creative space and continue to build the communicator that lives within, the one who loves to be surrounded with people.

It is a challenging call, one in which I will continue to share with you all as you read my posts in 2013.

A big thank you to those who have come along side me during 2012. As we turn the page and usher in a new chapter for 2013, I pray that we will find wisdom and guidance in all that we do.

God bless you


© Sandie’s Snippets 2012


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Tomorrow is D Day and I was still undecided.  Should I go for it and give it a go, or put it off for another year?

I registered three weeks ago and have been reading all the comments on Facebook and Twitter but nothing seemed to be spurring me on, or creating an excitement. All I’ve been sensing is my current commitments, the daunting work load and a 50,000 word mountain of my waffle.

As I deliberated over this, I asked myself some tough questions and the answer that seemed to keep bouncing back is one of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear that I would not be able to keep up with the work load, fear that life would drop its bundle and have me racing off in another direction. Fear that I may even succeed and then need to go the next step to rework and edit. The small, four letter word, having the unique ability to hold me back and consume me.

Then a friend sent an email. Apparently only 10% of the people taking part in the 2010 NaNoWriMo completed the assignment. Suddenly the expectations I’d been placing on myself shrivelled up, I could do it and sit comfortably with the 90% that gave it a go. Or perhaps, just possibly, for one of the first times in my life, come out in the top 10%.

I was not going to be back in a classroom, with a teacher breathing down my neck, pointing out my faults and telling me I’d not amount to anything. There was no sports field with hurdles, long jump or relays to embarrass myself in. Just a web site, with a very large data base and a worded marathon to challenge my time management and focus.

What’s stopping me?

Nothing now……..

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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Well, I have survived chapters one and two and am now up to the third month of Cheryl Richardson’s book, ‘The Art of Self Care’. Bracing myself for yet another month of extreme challenges, I read the name of the chapter, ‘Let Me Disappoint You’. When I read the second paragraph there was no holding back, I burst out laughing, as it said I should aim to make one person angry every day.

WHAT, ME! Good old me. I’m a peace keeper, I don’t rock the boat, I keep a level head (well most of the time anyway).

It seems, as I read the whole chapter that my problem is all of the above. I do attempt to keep the peace, I agree to do things that are expected of me (even if I really don’t want to do them) and I control my responses, so that those around me will continue to like me.

In my defence, I would say I have improved over the years and only recently said no to my being nominated for a voluntary post, that would have been a position of honour. Once upon a time I would have grabbed it with both hands, seeing the role as an affirmation of my value and worth.

The whole chapter outlines how to disappoint people the right way without creating elaborate excuses. How to tell the truth with honestly, letting other people down with respect and care.

Boy oh boy. This is going to be an interesting month. I’d keep your distance if I was you, or you may find you’re on my hit list.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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As a daily devotional I love to read the inspirational writings of Sarah Young. Her best-selling book ‘Jesus Calling’, has the amazing ability to ushers me into Gods presence, where I am able to hear Him speak into my heart, in a loving, practical way.

One line from Wednesday’s reading caught my eye and spoke deeply into my spirit, saying…. I can bring beauty out of the ashes of your lost dreams. I can glean joy out of sorrow. Peace out of adversity. It led me to Isaiah 60 and 61, chapters that talk about coming out of the darkness and speaking about the year of the Lords favour.

In my life I have experienced lost dreams, mourned over the expected as well as the unexpected, even thrown a tantrum or two, when the pressures of life have brought me to boiling point, rather than my knees (I’m a slow learner on that one).

For me, this has been a year of waiting and waiting is not something I enjoy doing in this fast living, Western Society. But I have waited, and it seems that I am now on the move again. Forging a new direction for the future is some days frightening, often overwhelming, but I am being rewarded and blessed beyond all my imaginations.

Today I pledge to pray for each of my Blog readers.

I will be asking Him to watch over and bless all of you in such a special way, that you will be able to recognise it as the hand of God.

God bless you all. You are a wonderful gift and a rich source of encouragement for me.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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