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If an apple a day will keep the Doctor away, what will an orange a day do?

I have happily drifted into this new season in my life, allowing the colour orange to come to the fore. It is not a colour I normally wear, so I have settled with my lovely new handbag and shoes to lead the way. My prompt to remind me of this new journey, has been to treat myself to a nice juicy Navel Orange each day. They have been beautiful, containing so much juice that I generally get to wear some of it.

This week has also had me moving onto the next chapter of Cheryl Richardson’s book, ‘The Art of Extreme Self Care‘. You may remember that last month I had to learn to say ‘NO’, something I have probably done quite well at over the last few years, but struggled with during my earlier life.

Rhythm and routine is this months challenge. This could be interesting, as I feel I am often overly structured, having way too much rhythm and routine already. Some of my friends have even been known to get a little pep talk about it when they are stressed, as I encourage them to walk along a beach and tune into the oceans rhythmic movement.

I love the ocean in all its moods, it connects me with my roots overseas and creates expensive dreams, as I imagine all the far off lands I’d still like to visit. My writing often reflects my love of the ocean, with one of my more special pieces, expressing the healing properties of walking along a shore line, gathering tiny pebbles.

Perhaps, with the added pressure of NaNoWriMo, the challenge of building a social media profile and Christmas looming just around the corner I am being blessed this month. Blessed by my Heavenly Father who wants to walk with me, hold my hand and whisper encouragement to my soul, as we wander the shorelines of life together.

One of my all time favorite shorelines is pictured above. The sun setting over Sidmouth, Devon, UK. The place of my birth.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012


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Let Me disappoint You – Daring to say, ‘NO.’

It has been an interesting week as I have embarked to follow Cheryl Richardson’s advice in her book ‘The Art of Extreem Self Care. I don’t think I have said ‘no’ to anybody and as such have not made them angry at all (a bit of a relief really). This has been no small achievement, as we have been away and had a most enjoyable long weekend, with another four couples.

Twice a year we make the break, pool our resources and rent a large house just metres from the Indian Ocean. We delight in sitting on the shoreline to watch the sun set for the day, while our men folk Bar-B-Que and we ladies  seem to have perfected the art of throwing together salads and create a banquet fit for a king.

Rain threatened to spoil our time together, but a supply of jigsaws and games had us frantically searching for elusive puzzle pieces, challenged on the Scrabble board, and Rummikub saw us numerically scratching our heads.

My only problem person was me, myself and I. When chocolate was open and left on a plate I couldn’t say no. Cheeses of the yummiest quality, whispered into my ear and I couldn’t say no. Over indulgence and the word gluttony springs to mind but I am up early (confessing all) and planning to head out the door and walk the hills before 6.30am.

I think I need to head back to Cheryl Richardson’s mirror session in the last chapter, look deep into my eyes and tell the woman who stares back at me, that she loves lettuce and long walks.

Have a great week everyone.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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Well, I have survived chapters one and two and am now up to the third month of Cheryl Richardson’s book, ‘The Art of Self Care’. Bracing myself for yet another month of extreme challenges, I read the name of the chapter, ‘Let Me Disappoint You’. When I read the second paragraph there was no holding back, I burst out laughing, as it said I should aim to make one person angry every day.

WHAT, ME! Good old me. I’m a peace keeper, I don’t rock the boat, I keep a level head (well most of the time anyway).

It seems, as I read the whole chapter that my problem is all of the above. I do attempt to keep the peace, I agree to do things that are expected of me (even if I really don’t want to do them) and I control my responses, so that those around me will continue to like me.

In my defence, I would say I have improved over the years and only recently said no to my being nominated for a voluntary post, that would have been a position of honour. Once upon a time I would have grabbed it with both hands, seeing the role as an affirmation of my value and worth.

The whole chapter outlines how to disappoint people the right way without creating elaborate excuses. How to tell the truth with honestly, letting other people down with respect and care.

Boy oh boy. This is going to be an interesting month. I’d keep your distance if I was you, or you may find you’re on my hit list.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall’, is the title of chapter two in Cheryl Richardson’s book, ‘The Art of extreme Self Care – Transforming Your Life One Month at a Time’. It details the concept of looking into a mirror on a daily basis and telling myself, ‘I love you Sandie’. I can tell you with all honesty, I was squirming at the thought of attempting this just the once, without trialing it for the whole month.

‘My self esteem may need a bit of tweaking from time to time,’ I thought to myself, ‘but hey, I’m not the shy timid person that people use to tease or bully anymore. Am I?’

I have had a bit of a rude awakening. It is a hard exercise to accomplish. Try it for yourself, if you don’t believe me.

The line, ‘Fake it until you make it,’ came to mind as I realised I am not as confident as I thought I was. Compliments, while always welcome, are not necessarily absorbed the way they should be. Those critical comments of my childhood, having created a tougher skin than I ever imagined.

We use our mirrors all the time for personal grooming, but the act of looking intently into our own eyes is a very intimate act. We can see our own flaws and weaknesses in an instance and feel uncomfortable accepting ourselves with the unconditional love that we should.

The final three sentences of the chapter have pushed me on in this challenge.

‘This experience does take time, so don’t worry if it seems hard. You’ll have a whole month to practice, and there’s no need to rush. For now, just show up and allow yourself to get comfortable with this new level of connection and intimacy.

(c) ‘The Art of extreme Self Care – Transforming Your Life One Month at a Time’. Cheryl Richardson’s. 2009

I have been turning up. It has been an up hill challenge. I have also pulled some wonderful faces at myself to lighten the mood. I’m just happy not to be on a Disney set, where the mirror talks back or have Big Brother watching. If I had, I think they might have been booked me into a nice facility by now, with all meals and medication provided.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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