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photo[1]After weeks of building and renovating I have finally moved into my new work area. Tuesday it was clean, tidy and everything had a special spot to live. Wednesday I left some papers spread across the desk in my rush for writers group and was surrounded by; an empty mug, various sheets of paper that needed filing, my writing journal, a piece of homework that had been typed up, two used tissues, a dumped bag and a pair of sunnies that I’d lost the previous evening. All in all, I think I am now moved in and eager to get back to work. The kind that doesn’t involve laying bricks, painting or shifting furniture.

One of the more fun aspects of the move, was a space to create and hang an old door covered in a collection of Bric-a-Brac that has been hidden away and stored for many years; A horseshoe that was once fixed to the wall of  Pete’s Grandfathers farm in the UK. A door knocker given to us by an elderly aunt before we emigrated. Some family brass, inherited and previously neglected. A bunch of rusty old keys, which I can’t resist collecting. A paper mache bug of unknown identity, created by a grandchild, as well as a novelty Emergency Exit sign, requested by my hubby.

This vast space is amazing. Being surrounded by all our books is comforting and pictures already fixed to the walls is inspiring.

Now what was I going to write?


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This week I have been attempting to create a piece of artwork from the labyrinth story I shared a couple of weeks ago.

The invitation to place what I had written on a local website, displaying a ‘Collective Collaboration in the Creative Arts’, has been great fun. Mixing paper and ink, with colour and contrast, stirs up something deep within. I love, love, love it.

Many would not appreciate what I appear to have created, it’s classed as ‘Contemporary Art’, a mixed media display of words and texture, the image telling as much about the story as the text.

Where on earth will I put it? It’s so unlike the images I have dotted around my home. They are traditional, neat cottage garden types, surrounded with traditional furnishings and inherited family collectables.

What I can say though, is that it has been incredibly satisfying to my inner creative being, so wherever it ends up will be alright with me.

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