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P1010385I love the green of England and miss its healing charm to calm and nourish the soul. This picture was taken in Devon(UK), between the Lace town of Honiton and Cullompton.

As a child, we would visit here when the wild, untamed, rhododendron bushes were in full bloom, their splendid array of colour impressing even my child like imagination.

The fence in this picture, although new, reminds me of life growing up on the farm and my ability to vault over wooden five bar gates. They held no power of containment for me as a child. In a fluid, gymnastic like movement, I could fly over the barrier and keep on running.

I was nimble back then, athletic in the true sense of the word and school sports days saw me winning awards for obstacle races and hurdles. Even the long and high jump held promise, although my short legs often let me down.

Jumping a gate, rather than opening or climbing over it was how I faced life. Full on, ready to jump over any hardships that got in my way. Some days however, a gate became my resting place, rising above the ground on which I stood. From there, life and circumstances took on a different view, my surroundings becoming my friend and counsellor.

Age has slowed me down, my lifestyle placing me on an office chair, in front of the computer for much of my day. The walking that brings me so much pleasure is missed, due to a long list of excuses. Now I tend to lean against the gates and peer into a promised land, remembering the past and still believing the future holds good things for me. Some days I think I need to embrace those childhood memories and jump over the various situations I find myself in, rather that think, ‘Oh well, that’s life’.

My random thought to go with this Blog Post is………

Sitting on top of a gate is a bit like sitting on a fence. You catch a better view of all the sights but you never get anywhere. Maybe it is time to make a decision and climb down, then race off to accomplish the things I/we/you have been destined for.


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If an apple a day will keep the Doctor away, what will an orange a day do?

I have happily drifted into this new season in my life, allowing the colour orange to come to the fore. It is not a colour I normally wear, so I have settled with my lovely new handbag and shoes to lead the way. My prompt to remind me of this new journey, has been to treat myself to a nice juicy Navel Orange each day. They have been beautiful, containing so much juice that I generally get to wear some of it.

This week has also had me moving onto the next chapter of Cheryl Richardson’s book, ‘The Art of Extreme Self Care‘. You may remember that last month I had to learn to say ‘NO’, something I have probably done quite well at over the last few years, but struggled with during my earlier life.

Rhythm and routine is this months challenge. This could be interesting, as I feel I am often overly structured, having way too much rhythm and routine already. Some of my friends have even been known to get a little pep talk about it when they are stressed, as I encourage them to walk along a beach and tune into the oceans rhythmic movement.

I love the ocean in all its moods, it connects me with my roots overseas and creates expensive dreams, as I imagine all the far off lands I’d still like to visit. My writing often reflects my love of the ocean, with one of my more special pieces, expressing the healing properties of walking along a shore line, gathering tiny pebbles.

Perhaps, with the added pressure of NaNoWriMo, the challenge of building a social media profile and Christmas looming just around the corner I am being blessed this month. Blessed by my Heavenly Father who wants to walk with me, hold my hand and whisper encouragement to my soul, as we wander the shorelines of life together.

One of my all time favorite shorelines is pictured above. The sun setting over Sidmouth, Devon, UK. The place of my birth.

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