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The ocean has alway been an important part of my life and this image show a beach in Melros, Western Australia, which is a place that we often visit with a group of friends. Cheap accommodation enables us to stay with another three couples and we enjoy endless beach walks, the challenges of 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles, games of scrabble and Red Wine sunsets.


I grew up on the East Devon coast of England, near the Regency town of Sidmouth. It is a beautiful area of outstanding natural beauty, sitting a short drive from the Dorset border. A twenty-minute walk, through hedged pathway and lush public open space, could have me sitting on the pebbled banks, hankering over some of my wildest dreams.

When I stare out to sea, I can be anywhere in the world and generally feel more connected to the place I still call home. It has the universal ability to tune me into an amazing creator God, enabling me to reach new spiritual depths. Problems and concerns seem to magically lighten, as the reflective waters twinkle, dancing in delicate footsteps on the ocean’s surface.

On a daily basis, the skies and oceans work collectively to bring some of the most amazing scenery. People like me revel in taking happy snaps, photos that attempt to capture an aura of the Divine and choosing just one to share was hard, as many also include magnificent sunsets. I decided on this one, as it links in with a ‘Freestyle Poem’ that I wrote at Writers Group this week.

The prompt was to write a poem linking a favorite place to an emotion. Even I was surprised by what I wrote in the time-frame we were given.

Freedom Coast

My prison holds no walls

Emotions creating their own boundaries.

Escape is a road trip

Fueled by dark days

Powered by the need for sunshine.

Sand snatches at my feet

Grabbing at my stability

Until solid ground holds firm.

Distance is unfathomable

And waves roll to my heart beat.

Space and rhythm

Washed up debris

Working to erase the shadows.

Lighting my spirit with inspiration

Encompassing all things beach.

(c)Sandie’s Snippets 2013


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 A Stone Age Hill Fort in East Devon. UK.

A writing group prompt. Think and write about your favorite place. 

I wake each day to the hustle and bustle of an every day life, but in my heart I long to tread the ancient paths and footsteps of a time long forgotten.

A place of solitude, wonderment and history, races through my veins, as I consider lives once lived and a community that time has cast aside.

Who were these faces in the mists? Who were these people who walked these tracks and created mounds of protection for their loved ones?

Banks of rammed earth, creating a safe haven within, are traced with footsteps from its human visitors and wild creature as they hunt their prey.

No more a community of people, but a majestic stand of Beech, surrounds the moss covered boundaries.

A carpet of Bluebells entices me, their gentle perfume drawing me into a distant land, where triumph and tragedy mingle.

I love this place of distant dreams, but am spurred on to create new dreams, new foundations for my children, my children’s children and the generations to come.

My heritage and ancestry is challenged, I wonder, what will hold the generations to come? What will become my legacy?

Who will come after me and remember them? What will their eyes see? For when I am no more this place will still be.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012


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