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WheatI’m not shouting from the rooftops and saying ‘I’m back to Blogging‘. Instead it is a quiet whisper to those of you who have followed my blog and been such a support over the last eighteen months.

It’s been a long time between posts. Too long on some levels and not long enough on others. Those of you who have emailed and enquired as to my whereabouts, I can’t thank you enough and you should have received a personal email. People write about their ‘Blogging Family’ and it has warmed my heart to know that people really do care and that my ramblings are missed.

My writing ventures have not ceased, instead I have wound back on everything,  in an attempt to do an internal audit and set a fresh vision. I wondered why the road I was taking seemed so confusing and confronting, why my enthusiasm had waned and eventually asked myself where God wanted me to take my skills and talents.

This confronting thought came about, when a young musician friend launched into producing an album, signed up for Twitter, Facebbook, Instantgramme and a host of other Social Media sites. Suddenly, her God given vision was interupted by the voices of her supporters, all making valid suggestions, which consumed her time and distracted her from the real task ahead.

With that revelation, I have come to understand why I cut out a few sites myself, some months back. My days of checking replies, commenting, reviewing and posting had robbed me of some or the simpler pleasures of just creating something original. Something that guided me on my journey, allowed me to be me and set my course for the future.

I am still hanging in there, with a spark of desire to start hitting the blogging keyboard again. This time I will not be in a rush to race ahead. Instead I will take it grain by grain and see where I end up.

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The final installment of ‘Billboards from God’.

My Dear Friend. Follow me. Love from God

My Dear Friend. Don’t make me come down there. Love from God

My Dear Friend. Big bang theory….You’ve got to be kidding. Love from God

My Dear Friend. My way is the highway. Need directions? Love from God

My Dear Friend. You think it’s hot here? Love from God

My Dear Friend. Have you read my #1 best seller? There will be a test. Love from God

My Dear Friend. Do you have any idea where you are going? Love from God

It looks like I will have to get back to creating my own post for next Friday. Have a lovely day and a fantastic weekend.                                             

 God bless, Sandie

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If an apple a day will keep the Doctor away, what will an orange a day do?

I have happily drifted into this new season in my life, allowing the colour orange to come to the fore. It is not a colour I normally wear, so I have settled with my lovely new handbag and shoes to lead the way. My prompt to remind me of this new journey, has been to treat myself to a nice juicy Navel Orange each day. They have been beautiful, containing so much juice that I generally get to wear some of it.

This week has also had me moving onto the next chapter of Cheryl Richardson’s book, ‘The Art of Extreme Self Care‘. You may remember that last month I had to learn to say ‘NO’, something I have probably done quite well at over the last few years, but struggled with during my earlier life.

Rhythm and routine is this months challenge. This could be interesting, as I feel I am often overly structured, having way too much rhythm and routine already. Some of my friends have even been known to get a little pep talk about it when they are stressed, as I encourage them to walk along a beach and tune into the oceans rhythmic movement.

I love the ocean in all its moods, it connects me with my roots overseas and creates expensive dreams, as I imagine all the far off lands I’d still like to visit. My writing often reflects my love of the ocean, with one of my more special pieces, expressing the healing properties of walking along a shore line, gathering tiny pebbles.

Perhaps, with the added pressure of NaNoWriMo, the challenge of building a social media profile and Christmas looming just around the corner I am being blessed this month. Blessed by my Heavenly Father who wants to walk with me, hold my hand and whisper encouragement to my soul, as we wander the shorelines of life together.

One of my all time favorite shorelines is pictured above. The sun setting over Sidmouth, Devon, UK. The place of my birth.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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Had a great start to NANoWriMo yesterday and as I need to focus on completing the task ahead, I thought I’d share these ‘ Billboards From God’ sayings with you. They are not new as I have had them saved in my scrapbook for sometime. I’m not even sure who wrote them, but they are worth reading and thinking about.

Dear Friend. Please don’t drink and drive, you’re not quite ready to meet me yet. Love from God. 

My Dear Friend. Could you imagine the price of air if it were brought to you from another supplier? Love from God. 

My Dear Friend. When your weary, feeling small. When tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all. (Simon and Garfunkle) Ditto. Love from God.

 My Dear Friend. What do I have to do to get your attention? Take out an ad in the newspaper. Love from God.

My Dear Friend. Earthlings, don’t treat me like an alien. Love from God.

 My Dear Friend. I was thinking of making the world black and white. Then I thought naaaaaah. Love from God.

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