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sunshineI have been very slack when it comes to posting blog updates of late.

My reason?

Well I have been journeying through this place called ‘Overdoingit’, trying to juggle my way through far too many things. It was one of the main reasons I thought I’d better get my long overdue biannual health check done with my GP, (my last post tells you how that went). If all the results came back fine, then I needed to take a look at lifestyle issues and cut some more things out of my life.

I can tell you that my needle phobia sent the trainee vampire into panic mode as she attempted to find a good vein for blood. My eyes watered up and breathing became laboured, all the while I was struggling to stay calm, face my fears and not levitate out of the chair. The poor woman buckled under the pressure, turned to her supervisor and said, ‘You can do this one’. I apologised profusely when it was all over and left their chamber of horrors stating, ‘You think that was bad, you should see me at the dentists!’ On that note, a reminder for a dental check up came in the post last week and I have the good old mammogram booked in for later this week.

It seems I am once again on ‘Bottled Sunshine’. Despite our sunny Australian climate and my time spent out in the sun, I was very low on vitamin D. Probably a major cause of me feeling so overwhelmed with all that I have been trying to achieve of late. There were a couple of other issues that needed to be looked at, but on the whole I have come through it with a clean bill of health and a form to get another blood test done in a months time. Starting to dislike this very thorough GP.

Lifesaving for BeginnersOn a more positive note, I was thrilled on Saturday, to have a book review published in our Weekend paper, ‘The West Australian‘. I am now looking forward to a prize pack of five new releases.

‘Lifesaving for Beginners’, by Ciara Geraghty is a delightful read and one I would have overlooked, had it not come recommended. It sent me on a roller coaster of emotions. One minute I was smiling at the naive wisdom of Milo, a nine year old boy who wants to become a lifesaver. Then, I found myself cheering on Faith as she struggled to take on a parenting role after her mother was killed in a car accident. Kate Kavenagh also has a touching story to tell, as she is forced to connect with her past and face some family secrets. The Irish Sea separated these two families for years but that all changes with a skillfully woven series of events. With believable and thought-provoking characters, this is a novel I will remember for a long time.

Now it is time to get on with the rest of my day.

Next on the list is to follow my Doctors orders; make a cuppa and sit in the sun for at least twenty minutes.

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stock-illustration-8345458-cartoon-doctor-with-syringeI have been fortunate to have led a fairly healthy life. One where Dr’s visits have been for pregnancy, basic symptoms of easily treatable ailments, as well as the regular periodic medical that we ladies put ourselves through. My last visit was sixteen months ago and did give me cause for concern, but proved to be nothing to worry about.

Today I was in the consulting room once more and realized that aging has its pitfalls, especially when a GP tells you that for your age you have left it a long time between visits. Is it just a revenue raising exercise I think to myself, as my blood pressure is taken and a biannual check of bloods is arranged. It’s a good job my blood pressure reading had been done, because by now I was imagining my visit to the vampire, better known as the Phlebotomists. No one else in the family suffers as I do when it comes to needles. They think it quite funny that I can literally pass out which adds to my humiliation, so often it is done in stealth mode and no one knows until it is over.

It all seems so silly when I consider the tragedy of world events and the trauma that hits many families. Yet to me, the fear is real. Give me a snake or spider any day.

No one in my family knows that my tummy is having a nervous twinge or two, that I will be fasting from midnight tonight and I will bravely face my fears in just over seventeen hours.  Only you, my blogging friends are privy to this information, and I know you are not going to embarrass me.

On a positive note, I was Bulk Billed through our Medicare system, which made it a free visit. And I can already smell the coffee that I will be rewarding myself with after the event, before heading off to writers group for another exciting morning.

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Colouring my world with purple hues has been an interesting experiment so far. Initially it became a game, a game of finding different ways to dress myself with the colour. Then I discovered that it very easy to wear purple every day if you paint your fingernails in this lovely rich shade.

One of my ‘Princess Goals’ was to esteem myself more and I decided to make one significant change a week. The first being to drink my daily quota of water. Are you aware that for every kilo you weigh you should drink 20mls of water in order for your body to function properly?  There is even a website that will calculate this for you if you Google, ‘How much water should I drink’.

My huge jug of water, now sits on my kitchen bench top and while I have failed on a couple of days to reach my goal, I have not given up. My skin is looking so much brighter and my attitude has even embraced some dietary changes and walking.

I am His creation, a masterpiece in design. He did not make any mistakes when He formed me. I contain every genetic capability to become who He wanted me to be and today I choose to be His Princess.

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