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Last Friday I experienced a princess moment gone wrong when my four-legged friend, commonly named Puss, became offended. Purring one minute, she then nudged me with attitude the next, because I dared to hold my cuppa with one hand and smooth my sheets neatly around myself with the other. What should have been a little bit of luxury turned into chaos, where the laid back princess (me) turned very quickly, into a frenzied, arm waving, mad woman. Puss also took flight, taking on super hero speed and action.

‘Now stop that laughing, I can hear it wanting to erupt and I haven’t told you the whole story yet.’

Stripping the bed as quickly as possible, I dabbed at the wet area frantically, as I braced myself to reveal the flood damage. Through the sheets, through the underlay, which just happens to be a very heavy woollen one and into the mattress. ‘Nooooooo‘, I thought. None to happy.

The sheets were easy, straight into the machine for a wash, it was a different story for the underlay. Digging out the washing instructions I was pleased to read it could also go into the machine. However when I looked at it piled up on my laundry floor I knew it wouldn’t fit into my ‘post-children-at-home’ sized machine at all. I did wait for the sheets to finish, hoping for a minor miracle and give it a go, but alas it was not to be and I moved towards the bathroom.

Filling the tub up with water and detergent, I lamented that it had been ages since I’d even used the bath, the shower always getting the job done in half the time. Then my laundry maid hands were given a good work out, before attempting to squeeze out as much rinse water as possible.

Carrying the heavy sodden mass outside to dry was no small acomplishment either and became another issue, as there was no way my line would support the weight, even if I could have got it up there. Placing six outside chairs back to back, I dragged the underlay into position, looking up to the sky, willing for the sun to shine.

This Purple Princess didn’t get to go for a walk on Friday, but believe me, I did get a complete work out.

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After my busy weekend and a house full of visitors, I’ve had to get stuck into some housework this week. Not my most popular pastime. But it did remind me of a homework piece we had to do at writers group earlier in the year. The prompt was a tribute to Charles Dickens, based on his book,  ‘A tale of two cities’. At a complete loss for something to write about, and having just spent the morning cleaning, I came up with the following short piece.

 A Tale Of Two Cities – A Tale Of Two Homes

On Monday I worked up a sweat, cleaning toilets, vacuuming and dusting, wondering how, in such a short time, everything around me turns to such grubby disorder.

One day a week I have a home that glistens and gleams with care and attention. My clean tidy home then taunts me for the rest of the week, as clutter gathers in predictable places and dust clings to every imaginable surface. I ignore the tiny particles, choosing to reside in my creative habitat, one where I can delve into the depths of my imagination and write the unexpected.

I often feel, as though I reside in two conflicting parallel worlds. Where juggling my time and energy between these two places, challenges me to the core. I have  numerous objects which grow legs and miraculously walk untrodden paths. Thoughtless feet appear from nowhere, leaving their dirty patterns on once clean floors, and dishes congregate in the sink, waiting for hot water, detergent and a willing pair of hands.

Spending more time in my ‘Creative Home’ is a wonderful experience, but sometimes I can’t ignore the call of the ‘Clean Home’, I just have to roll up my sleeves, get my hands dirty and deal with it.


Fortunately, I don’t have to pay extra rates and taxes for the experience of living in either of theses two places. 🙂

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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