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‘Some weeks just do not fit into my princess plan, this last week was one of them.’

I have a list of excuses and they are all quite legitimate, but the reality is, that when you are just starting out, attempting to create new habits, they tend to be the first thing to fall away when a hectic schedule kicks in. Amid the post-mortem of my weeks highs and lows I have achieved a great deal, caught up with quality people who always seem to encourage me in just the right way and my sleep pattern has improved ten fold.

My disappointments are not taking my early morning walk, drinking enough water or watching my diet. The hardest bit being, that the healthy changes were establishing an inner voice, a voice that was starting to enjoy the benefits of these lifestyle choices. I even sensed the voice calling out to me and I ignored it, because I was too busy, in the wrong place or just couldn’t be bothered.

So what went wrong?

Perhaps, nothing went wrong.

While watching the Olympics I have been horrified at the pressure these elite athletes have put themselves under and the way the media have reported their failings. Is it any wonder that we also feel like failures when we do not achieve the things we set out to do on a day-to-day, week to week basis?

After picking up a copy of Cheryl Richardson’s book, ‘The Art of Extreme Self-care…. Transforming your life one month at a time,’ I’ve realised that it takes a lot longer than a week to establish something new. Instead of focusing on my failures, I have chosen to take a positive look at my successes, and they are there.

Taking on the role of an elite Purple Princess needs focus, determination equipping and practice, and while I may not be on the winners podium winning bronze, silver or gold at the moment, who knows where I will be in four years time.

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It has been an olympic weekend and this little princess turned in to ‘The Queen Of Her Castle’, as well as ‘Chief Cook and Bottle Washer’. A tired one at that.

Not being a sports fan, watching hours and hours of olympic events does not thrill me a great deal, but I do love the pomp and ceremony of the opening. Determined not to miss a thing, I set the TV recorder so I could watch it at my leisure. Sounds like a great idea, except I woke up and tried to get back to sleep. A buzz of excitement started to run through my veins and I knew I was missing something that I could be watching live. Quietly I crept out of bed and joined thousands of other people, watching the quaint English countryside evolve through the industrial era, in the  production of the year.

Sadly there was no catch up time for sleep, as I had made plans some months ago to have a family ‘Christmas in July’. Friday saw me gathering up another table and 20 chairs to fit everyone into our dining room for a Turkey Roast with all the trimmings. My day took on olympic proportions as I prepared, cooked and cleaned. Then repeated the exercise again and again untill the smell wafting through the house was magnificent.

Once family started to arrive the fun and laughter began.  The younger kids decided to play hide and seek, while others sat exercising their fingers on mobile phones. Offers of help came and were mainly dismissed, as the kitchen was submitting to my ‘Kitchen Goddess’ reign. Juggling trays of vegetables around the hard-working oven became childs play too, while every warming and heating device that I had in cupboards, came into their own.

I stood back and watched as plates of food were served up. A culinary victory seemed imminent.

My whole family gathering in one place thrills me, I wonder how on earth two people can create this mass of humanity and an atmosphere of family living. It’s not come without its trials along the way, but I felt truly blessed and positively glowed, as the compliments came for a ‘Meal Well Done’. Falling into bed that night sleep came very quickly and yesterday everything happened at a much slower pace.

The house is quiet now, everything is put back in its place and today I plan to find my inner princess again. In the meantime I feel like a medal winner. I’ve surely won gold.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012


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