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If an apple a day will keep the Doctor away, what will an orange a day do?

I have happily drifted into this new season in my life, allowing the colour orange to come to the fore. It is not a colour I normally wear, so I have settled with my lovely new handbag and shoes to lead the way. My prompt to remind me of this new journey, has been to treat myself to a nice juicy Navel Orange each day. They have been beautiful, containing so much juice that I generally get to wear some of it.

This week has also had me moving onto the next chapter of Cheryl Richardson’s book, ‘The Art of Extreme Self Care‘. You may remember that last month I had to learn to say ‘NO’, something I have probably done quite well at over the last few years, but struggled with during my earlier life.

Rhythm and routine is this months challenge. This could be interesting, as I feel I am often overly structured, having way too much rhythm and routine already. Some of my friends have even been known to get a little pep talk about it when they are stressed, as I encourage them to walk along a beach and tune into the oceans rhythmic movement.

I love the ocean in all its moods, it connects me with my roots overseas and creates expensive dreams, as I imagine all the far off lands I’d still like to visit. My writing often reflects my love of the ocean, with one of my more special pieces, expressing the healing properties of walking along a shore line, gathering tiny pebbles.

Perhaps, with the added pressure of NaNoWriMo, the challenge of building a social media profile and Christmas looming just around the corner I am being blessed this month. Blessed by my Heavenly Father who wants to walk with me, hold my hand and whisper encouragement to my soul, as we wander the shorelines of life together.

One of my all time favorite shorelines is pictured above. The sun setting over Sidmouth, Devon, UK. The place of my birth.

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It has been a week of mixed emotions as change seems to be in the air, hovering in sweeping circles overhead. I’ve decided that this is going to be my last ‘Purple Project Post’ as I believe I am entering into a new season, with the colour orange leading the way.

The purple journey has been fascinating on so many levels, as I’ve come to better value myself as ‘The Purple Princess’, Visualizing who I am through the eyes of God, who I very much believe in.  It has given me a greater awareness of where I have come from and where I should be heading. A growing confidence to stand my ground, love myself more and say no to others has not always been comfortable, yet the rewards are there, perhaps not clearly visible for all to see, but they are there.

Seasons come and go and with them new colours and shades fill our earth. The purple flowering plants that have brought me so much insight and pleasure over the last few weeks, have been replaced with yellows and orange. Cheery spring flowerings, whispering new life, and future expectations.

I’m not sure where this journey is headed next, but I think I’d better go and find the orange nail polish.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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Retail therapy is said to hold great healing powers for many and while it is not one of my obsessions, I do once in a while, see something that captures my eye. A few weeks ago it was a bright orange bag. I gave it the serious once over and even lined up a top that could tie in with the colour, then put everything back and repeated the process again around 10 days later.

This week I was browsing through the junk mail when I noticed summer sandals were on special from Wednesday. Eager to get in quick and check out supplies, I did my assessment of the situation on Tuesday. There before me were orange sandals, a perfect match for the bag. My heart did a little flutter as I took those shoes to the bag and they just cried out to be together, the fact that it was the last day to get 20% off bags seemed like an opportunity not to be missed.

Now I am the proud owner of an orange handbag and pair of sandals, they even match the wonderful spring poppies that are flowering in my garden. I’m realising it’s a colour that brings a smile to my face and as I write this the setting sun has just bathed my dining room in a warm orange glow. Truly spectacular.

I can sense a change is in the air. Is it an act of rebellion from a ‘Purpled Out Princess’, or am I transitioning to a new colour?

Let’s see where this project is going next.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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