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Moving on from ‘The Purple Project’.

The word objective has come to mind and links in with where I feel this journey may be leading next. Checking out a dictionary the word objective means; external to the mind, actually existing, not influenced by personal feeling or opinions.

As a hormonal, post menopausal woman, I have been known to react emotionally to things and situations around me (Just ask my family – Actually no, don’t ask my family, they may tell you the truth). As I focus on the future I believe there is a need for me to do three things; set my sights on where I believe I should be headed, continue to build my skills and finally, walk faithfully towards my goals without wavering or getting caught up by my emotions.

As I enter into this new season in my life, a beautiful mango shade of orange has crept in, promoting new thoughts, new ideas and a fresh brightness, colouring my world with sunset hues. After last weeks post, a good friend sent an email with the image of an orange on it, the words NOT PURPLE were pasted over the top and brought about a huge smile that brightened my day. In appreciation, and as a tribute to this, I have created my own original version that you can see below.

The oranges reminded me of a piece I wrote some time ago about life being like an orange, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Life is like oranges, sometimes sweet and sometimes sour. It depends on circumstances and what comes into their lives that dictate their taste. On the surface an orange may appear full of zest and portray the promise of a good heart. But sometimes due to the lack of nutrients and water the inside can be dry and unpalatable.

The same can be said of the human heart. Without love and nurture we too can be dry and unsavoury. Looking good does not necessarily mean that all is well.

At times we need kind words and friendship to cut through the outward appearance, to water and cultivate us to our full potential.

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