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Well, I have survived chapters one and two and am now up to the third month of Cheryl Richardson’s book, ‘The Art of Self Care’. Bracing myself for yet another month of extreme challenges, I read the name of the chapter, ‘Let Me Disappoint You’. When I read the second paragraph there was no holding back, I burst out laughing, as it said I should aim to make one person angry every day.

WHAT, ME! Good old me. I’m a peace keeper, I don’t rock the boat, I keep a level head (well most of the time anyway).

It seems, as I read the whole chapter that my problem is all of the above. I do attempt to keep the peace, I agree to do things that are expected of me (even if I really don’t want to do them) and I control my responses, so that those around me will continue to like me.

In my defence, I would say I have improved over the years and only recently said no to my being nominated for a voluntary post, that would have been a position of honour. Once upon a time I would have grabbed it with both hands, seeing the role as an affirmation of my value and worth.

The whole chapter outlines how to disappoint people the right way without creating elaborate excuses. How to tell the truth with honestly, letting other people down with respect and care.

Boy oh boy. This is going to be an interesting month. I’d keep your distance if I was you, or you may find you’re on my hit list.

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