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Motivation. A word of empowerment that is often elusive, hiding behind a long list of excuses.

My list has been substantial of late, and while the reasons have been honest, tangible and time-consuming, the results created confusion, apathy and a feeling of being completely overwhelmed. As I write this, I have realized how tired I had become and how much I am benefiting from my new regime of walking and taking time out for me.

Last week I was set the task of creating an Acrostic Poem using the word motivation as the prompt. I thought I’d share it with you, along with a photo I took some years ago of Forget-Me-Nots. The two connecting,  reminding me to move forward, reach for the stars and enjoy the journey.



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writingThis week I had the amazing job of leading our creative writing group, focusing on an image for a competition that is coming up later in the year. Work-shopping ideas and focusing on different points of view, brought about a great deal of discussion and debate, while our creative minds wrote some thought-provoking pieces. These will hopefully move us forward in the preparation of entries.

Poking my toes into the sea of competitions has stretched my writing boundaries. While I may not have won anything as yet, I always read the winning entries and have found their style and structure educational.

Poetry is slowly becoming a form of expression that I love. It grips me emotionally, tugs at my heart strings and brings out what is deep within. These short, sharp lines, have the ability to create a visual impact, making me feel as though I am painting a canvas with words. Sometimes I need to adjust the tone, paint over a section, revise my spelling, double and triple check grammar.

Then I must teach myself to stand back and say, ‘I did that’

(c) Sandie’s Snippete 2013

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Holidays may cause you to experienced a blogging derailment.

It is no secret, that after returning from a wonderful holiday, it has been hard to discipline my writing life and keep up with my Blog. Even reading the stories and tales of the people I follow, has had to be squeezed into a time slot that has often been unattainable. So I am sitting at my desk, staring at the computer screen and wondering where this post may take me.

Yesterday it was going to be all about ‘Winning Wednesdays’. A reflection on how all my writerly friends, at the writers group I belong to, are so encouraging and supportive. A local poetry competition had us all putting pen to paper and fingers to the keyboard in order to make a submission before last Fridays deadline. We wrote, shared and helped edit each others work, before meeting the closing date (wow – seven of us submited a total of thirteen entries). Even before the winning entries are announce I believe we are all winners as there is no competitiveness amongst ourselves. It doesn’t matter if we win a prize or not, participation is the goal and we have been cheering each other on, seeing this as a victory for our productive little group.

On Monday, it was going to be ‘Birthday Cake and Candles’. Sharing with you all, the wonderful story of celebrating the 18th birthday of our grand-daughter. She was the first-born grandchild, holding a special place in my heart. Seeing her grow into a beautiful young woman has been a privilege and I am proud of her on so many levels. Finding the perfect gift needed several shopping expeditions, even though I knew it would have to be jewellery.

Last week it was going to be  ‘A Renovation Review’. An update on the renovations taking place, turning our under croft garage into a study, library, office. Is it only me who arrives home from a holiday relaxed and rested with an idea that suddenly turns into demolishing property and building walls? It has been a long job, which has taken four times longer than expected and the cost is still escalating, as I’d like some new curtains, a big rug, two large comfy armchairs, not to mention some other unnecessary miscellaneous stationary items, that are of course a must have. I confess to being a secret stationary addict.

So today post, is a brief summary of what I have been doing in recent weeks. Something always has to give when it comes to fitting in another project and on this occasion, I’m sorry to say, it has been my Blog.

Catch you all again soon – Promise.

(c) Sandie’s Snippets 2013

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Writers Group never ceases to surprise me as we; put pen to paper, create written drama and visualize the unexpected.  Leadership for each week is rotated through the group, which is a great idea as it broadens the versatility of the topics and genres we get to cover. It also takes the pressure off of the facilitator to come up with a ‘Work Shop’ each week.

A couple of weeks ago we had the poetry prompt ‘Swirls of Dust’ and ten minutes to write. For me, it created a fantastic visual in my head and I thought I’d share my end result.

Swirls of Dust


 It dances along an outback track      

Pirouetting to the breeze

Twirling to the wind

Curtseying to the mighty gums

 It jumps over barren valleys

Hovers over bushy pathways

Then rests in majestic branches

Before falling to its knees


Moistened by the night-time air

It sticks like glue to the earth

Tired and weary it sleeps awhile

Till sun raises its golden orb

And then dust dances, to the thermals once more.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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