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It has been a week of mixed emotions as change seems to be in the air, hovering in sweeping circles overhead. I’ve decided that this is going to be my last ‘Purple Project Post’ as I believe I am entering into a new season, with the colour orange leading the way.

The purple journey has been fascinating on so many levels, as I’ve come to better value myself as ‘The Purple Princess’, Visualizing who I am through the eyes of God, who I very much believe in.  It has given me a greater awareness of where I have come from and where I should be heading. A growing confidence to stand my ground, love myself more and say no to others has not always been comfortable, yet the rewards are there, perhaps not clearly visible for all to see, but they are there.

Seasons come and go and with them new colours and shades fill our earth. The purple flowering plants that have brought me so much insight and pleasure over the last few weeks, have been replaced with yellows and orange. Cheery spring flowerings, whispering new life, and future expectations.

I’m not sure where this journey is headed next, but I think I’d better go and find the orange nail polish.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012


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For new followers of this blog, I decided back in July to set out on a new journey of self discovery. I have found it both challenging and rewarding. Let me introduce you to my first ‘Purple Project Post’, so you can get a bit of an idea.


The Purple Project. Week 1

It is said that purple can represent royalty, with darker hues suggesting magic and mystery. As a woman I would like to be treated as a princess and a little bit of magic and mystery can go a long way, when it comes to achieving our life goals.

What does the princess do though, when she forgets how precious she is? When the regal purple robes turn to drab shades of grey and the tiara that is supposed to be on her head, is lost to the dress up box of childhood memories?

This is the dilemma many of us find ourselves in.

I recently decided to reclaim my rightful throne, dress in something purple every day and reinvent myself, by bringing this rich colour into my life. It is amazing how much purple I actually have in my wardrobe, once I take a look.

Some days you may have to look hard to see it, but it will be there. Sometimes on show, sometimes hidden.

Let ‘The Purple Project’ begin.


As I head into week nine of this adventure, I have experianced a whole range of thoughts and emotions. Things that I percieved might happen have not, yet some unexpected treasures are presenting themselves in such creative ways, that I am enjoying the thrill of expectancy.

I do have one tale to tell though, the day I forgot to wear purple. A recent trip to get my car checked out after a re-call, saw me rushing out of the house early in the morning to allow plenty of time for traffic. It was as I wandered the shops (well a girl has to do something for the two hours wait), that I realized in my haste, I was not wearing anything purple.

Now I knew that the world was not about to collapse on me, but a little panic set in and I just happened to walk past a clearance rack of scarfs. One miraculously jumped into my hands and before I knew it, it was paid for and around my neck. (Well that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.) Not wanting to make the same mistake again, I have now painted my toe nails a rich, dark purple. If the weather continues to warm up they may even get to be seen.

It is an incredible journey that I find myself on and I am starting to wonder. What would happen if I coloured my world green or orange? But that might be a whole new story.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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Well I am up to week six on this experiment and there are some very unexpected changes to my everyday life.

Sleep has become the hero. Instead of struggling with five to six hours a night, I am managing to go to bed earlier and sleep soundly for the first time in years. There has been the odd night when my mind refuses to switch off and I end up tossing and turning, but on the whole I believe my days have become far more productive, because of sleep.

So how did this happen?

Well, I put on my alarm for 6.00am. All of Australia must have heard my initial groans, but it has awoken my ‘princess time’, allowing me to make a cuppa and head back to bed for a few minutes of pure indulgence. Knowing that the next time I hit the floor it will be to put on my runners and walk. There was a lapse in the walking for several days, but I am now climbing the hill and still able to breathe. There are also a lot of cheery, friendly people around this time of the day. Folk who will look you in the eye and say ‘Good morning’, while walking their dogs or doing the same as me, the dreaded (need positive word here)exercise.

Somehow (I’m sure the scientists among you could tell me), these early morning walks seem to be bringing me more clarity in my thought life. As I embraces the thrill of watching the sun rising over the hill, I’m able to go over the day that is ahead and order it in such a way that it has become easier to complete. That’s not to say that a phone call or unexpected visitor is an intrusion, as I love both and always seem to find the time to fit them in.

There is a deep satisfaction waking up after a good nights sleep. Long may it continue.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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Fact 1. Being a Purple Princess while shopping for new clothes is painful.

Fact 2. Being a Purple Princess in a stores changing room is frightening.

Fact 3. Being a Purple Princess when you are hunting for a new pair of bathers is near on impossible.

I’m not really a shopper and shopping for new clothes is one of my least favorite pastimes. But stores are slowly filling up with their summer range and I know from experience, that if I don’t get in quick, the size I need seems to disappear in an instant.

Armed with my limit of five items I head towards the changing rooms, grab a tag, open my bag for inspection, then proceed to the cubicle of horror. Granted they give you an honest perspective of what a garment looks like on, but between my nice comfortable warm clothing and the new cold starchy fabric, there is a frightening sight to behold.

Two successes and three rejections see me returning to the clothing isles, scouring for another colour of one top. Sold out already! Oh well, what’s new? I find a couple more possibilities and trudge back to the changing room, repeating the process for second and third time, ending up with me purchasing a ‘T-Shirt’ and black cardigan.

As for the bathers. The ones I though I’d try last Monday were sold out by Friday, so I went to another store and found a pair that seemed to fit the bill. I couldn’t handle any more changing room shocks, so I paid my money and took them home for a fitting. My singular mirror was much kinder and they will do nicely. HOORAY.

So what have I learnt this week as part of my Purple Project?

I am ok to be me. I may not be the size or shape I would like to be, but I am ok with who I am.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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‘Some weeks just do not fit into my princess plan, this last week was one of them.’

I have a list of excuses and they are all quite legitimate, but the reality is, that when you are just starting out, attempting to create new habits, they tend to be the first thing to fall away when a hectic schedule kicks in. Amid the post-mortem of my weeks highs and lows I have achieved a great deal, caught up with quality people who always seem to encourage me in just the right way and my sleep pattern has improved ten fold.

My disappointments are not taking my early morning walk, drinking enough water or watching my diet. The hardest bit being, that the healthy changes were establishing an inner voice, a voice that was starting to enjoy the benefits of these lifestyle choices. I even sensed the voice calling out to me and I ignored it, because I was too busy, in the wrong place or just couldn’t be bothered.

So what went wrong?

Perhaps, nothing went wrong.

While watching the Olympics I have been horrified at the pressure these elite athletes have put themselves under and the way the media have reported their failings. Is it any wonder that we also feel like failures when we do not achieve the things we set out to do on a day-to-day, week to week basis?

After picking up a copy of Cheryl Richardson’s book, ‘The Art of Extreme Self-care…. Transforming your life one month at a time,’ I’ve realised that it takes a lot longer than a week to establish something new. Instead of focusing on my failures, I have chosen to take a positive look at my successes, and they are there.

Taking on the role of an elite Purple Princess needs focus, determination equipping and practice, and while I may not be on the winners podium winning bronze, silver or gold at the moment, who knows where I will be in four years time.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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Has surrounding myself with the colour purple made a difference in my life?

This is the question I have been asking myself as I have gone through the last two weeks.

It’s a colour that seems to be jumping out when I least expect it. Even on my walks, I have come across plants which show off their purple flowers, reminding me that all living things are unique in their design.

Last week, on my way home from the shops, I saw a greeting card with a purple cat on it. She looked like a super hero and so I splashed out and paid a whole $1.00 for her. My super hero feline friend, is now sitting on my desk, with big blue eyes, a mane of pink hair, and a smug look on her face. Standing regally with her sharp polished claws, against the nightscape, complete with full moon, she looks to be ‘The Princess of Moggy Land’, claiming her status with confidence.

In my quest to find the princess within, I have deliberately sought to change my thinking, as well as start some healthy practical habits. Drinking my daily quota of water is a battle, but taking an early morning walk has seen me appreciate a sunrise instead of a sunset and I have discovered the joys of a better nights sleep. My alarm going off is a terrible intrusion, for a non-morning person like me, who much prefers the night owl lifestyle. I just have to keep telling myself it is for my own good.

Something good is happening though. My confidence is growing in unexpected ways. A few neglected chores are being completed before breakfast and I’m still Blogging. A good discipline for a writer, or so my good friend tells me.

Who know what might happen next?

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012


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Colouring my world with purple hues has been an interesting experiment so far. Initially it became a game, a game of finding different ways to dress myself with the colour. Then I discovered that it very easy to wear purple every day if you paint your fingernails in this lovely rich shade.

One of my ‘Princess Goals’ was to esteem myself more and I decided to make one significant change a week. The first being to drink my daily quota of water. Are you aware that for every kilo you weigh you should drink 20mls of water in order for your body to function properly?  There is even a website that will calculate this for you if you Google, ‘How much water should I drink’.

My huge jug of water, now sits on my kitchen bench top and while I have failed on a couple of days to reach my goal, I have not given up. My skin is looking so much brighter and my attitude has even embraced some dietary changes and walking.

I am His creation, a masterpiece in design. He did not make any mistakes when He formed me. I contain every genetic capability to become who He wanted me to be and today I choose to be His Princess.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012


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