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WheatI’m not shouting from the rooftops and saying ‘I’m back to Blogging‘. Instead it is a quiet whisper to those of you who have followed my blog and been such a support over the last eighteen months.

It’s been a long time between posts. Too long on some levels and not long enough on others. Those of you who have emailed and enquired as to my whereabouts, I can’t thank you enough and you should have received a personal email. People write about their ‘Blogging Family’ and it has warmed my heart to know that people really do care and that my ramblings are missed.

My writing ventures have not ceased, instead I have wound back on everything,  in an attempt to do an internal audit and set a fresh vision. I wondered why the road I was taking seemed so confusing and confronting, why my enthusiasm had waned and eventually asked myself where God wanted me to take my skills and talents.

This confronting thought came about, when a young musician friend launched into producing an album, signed up for Twitter, Facebbook, Instantgramme and a host of other Social Media sites. Suddenly, her God given vision was interupted by the voices of her supporters, all making valid suggestions, which consumed her time and distracted her from the real task ahead.

With that revelation, I have come to understand why I cut out a few sites myself, some months back. My days of checking replies, commenting, reviewing and posting had robbed me of some or the simpler pleasures of just creating something original. Something that guided me on my journey, allowed me to be me and set my course for the future.

I am still hanging in there, with a spark of desire to start hitting the blogging keyboard again. This time I will not be in a rush to race ahead. Instead I will take it grain by grain and see where I end up.

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Last week I started one of my days early, catching up with an author friend for breakfast. It seems to be the only time of the day we can sensibly get together, if you can call 7am sensible. Apart from sharing our personal highs and lows, we had a great discussion on the merits and problems of social media.

It was over one of our breakfast meetings back in June, that I was persuaded to start a blog, on another occasion I left our local Dome Cafe and created a Facebook page, just for my writing. On this occasion she left and set up a Twitter account, after I said I had just become a signed up Twitterer. Together we spur each other on and always part, ready to aim for the stars.

Blogging has been an immensely rewarding way to connect with people outside of my normal peer group and I am amazed at the number of people I feel a special connection to as I read through their writings.  But I do recognise that it is important to maintain the love and comradeship of my flesh and blood friends. Those who have stood by me when I’ve needed a shoulder to cry on, laughed when I’ve retold a silly story and will turn up on my doorstep with a single phone call.

I do wonder, how everyone finds enough hours in the day to maintain their working careers, family life, as well as sustain their internet profiles. It seems highly probable to me, that it has the capability of obsession like proportions, consuming several hours a day,  considering some of the more prolific writers out there in Blogosphere.

As for me, I need my circle of friends. I’ve also decided that coffee, eggs and bacon taste so much better when you’re with good company. Breakfast anyone?

P.S. This heart stopping fry up, is not what we ate our way through that morning, but it was served up at a transport cafe during one of our visit to the UK. I’d seen nothing like it before or since, hence the photo.

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