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BooksWith a good leadership team, you can be made to feel as though you have received a promotion as well as being given  a 100% pay rise, when in actual fact you remain a volunteer.

Volunteering has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I love the thrill of meeting new people, discovering their stories and feel privileged to gift my time, even though I sometimes struggle to juggle my week.

I manage a small library of around 2,000 books within the Church I attend. We also have a corner with books that we sell to help purchase new books for our shelves. It has been a dream of mine for many years, that the area could be a Book Shop/Library /Cafe, a place of nurture for anyone who walked through the doors. Now, after years of dreaming, plans are coming together, walls are coming down and the space is being created.

This concept was conceived eleven years ago and during this time I have carried my vision carefully, guarding and growing the dream . Over the coming few months I think it may be like experiencing ‘Labor Pains’, as all the hard work begins.

It has reminded me that many of us sit on good ideas for a long time before they become a reality. Patience being a difficult virtue for many of us to develop, even though it is a great resource for our personal growth. 

There is a verse in the Bible that says, ‘Without a vision the people perish’. I have found this to be true in all aspects of life. When you turn your back on something or someone, it feels as though a light is turned out and discouragement rules the day.

My mum use to say. ‘Aim for the stars and you may fall short. Aim for the gutter and you will land in it every time.’ 

Whatever is going on in your life at the moment, hold onto your dreams, maintain your vision, work towards your goal.

No one can accomplish that dream like you can. Continue to nurture it because one day it could be your reality.

(c) Sandie’s Snippets 2014


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What if you woke up today with only the things you were thankful for yesterday?

This was a confronting question that popped up on a recent Facebook post, which has had me in a meditative state ever since.

The realization hit me, during 2013 life wove its hand and drew me into an alien mindscape, one where I developed a bad attitude and negative thought patterns. Enabling me to find fault, complain and remain under threat of gathering storm clouds. Expecting the deluge to pour out its wrath at any given time.

Confirmation of last years position was obvious, when I typed up the scrawled work from my 2013 creative writing journals (Something I have found very encouraging and enlightening over the years I have been writing). Short stories, poems, one liners and ‘Sandieism Quotes’, all told the tale of someone I didn’t know, a stranger, a sad person that was searching for something, someone, anyone.

This is not a place I generally reside, so I am determined to change it. Make 2014 and beyond a much brighter place to be, by letting the sun rise up each morning and deliver its warmth, light and inspiration.


The picture above has been taken in my local park, a favorite place, where I use to walk and sit at least once a week. Those walks ceased last year, as I became caught up in the busyness of everything else.

Sometimes we can get too busy and not do the things that enable us to maintain the busyness – For me, reinstating my daily walks are a necessity, not just a good idea.

Watch this space.

(c) Sandie’s Snippets. 2014

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Social MediaFinally hit the beginning of a new week and turned up at my desk . It’s a bit late in the day (1.30pm), as an impromptu catch up with a writerly friend this morning, had us deliberating over the pro’s and cons of Social Media yet again.

One of the links on my personal Facebook page has been on my mind during the last couple of weeks. It spoke of us ‘Instantgramming Our Perfect Lives’, a look at living our lives through social media and all the implications it has for many of us. The very fact that I am writing this blog implies that I have embraced the social media platform, yet as I read all of your blog posts, reading some of the well voiced feedback, I realize I am not alone in doubting the benefits of the ‘Social Media Bandwagon’.

Are some of us living in the fantasy world of a self-created platform, where we portray only what we want people to see and believe. The nice, hard-working side, where a blogger tells the most creative and inspiring stories, without telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

My friend can spend up to five working hours a day, responding to emails and actively commenting and updating on her Social Media sites. So much so, that any real writing time is consumed and placed on the back burner.

We parted, resolving to do something about this time thief and so I have just deactivated some of the sites I have participated in. Allowing a weighty relief to wash over me.

I’m not saying Social Media is bad, as I believe it has tremendous benefits. However for me it has had me sitting at my desk, wondering what to Tweet, pondering over a book review or replying to various comments.  I have felt paralyzed in my creativity, feeling compelled to come up with the goods or become overwhelmed with a sense of guilt that I call myself a writer and am unable to write.

This Blog, is now the only avenue of Social Media that I will be participating in as Sandie’s Snippets. I have also reduced some of my personal links, believing this will restore a much more balanced lifestyle. I don’t want to go to bed feeling as though I’ve raced through another unproductive day, then stay awake wondering how to best schedule tomorrows activities.

More power to me and less focus on the ‘Social Media Time Thief’ I’m thinking.

Only time will tell.

© Sandie’s Snippets, 2013.

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Ok folks it’s confession time.

A follow-up on my NaNoWriMo meltdown

After a good start in the NaNoWriMo stakes, I was feeling more than a little pleased with myself. My performance and what I was churning out day after day was giving me a great thrill as the NaNo’ graph had me finishing the 50,000 word count with days to spare. Caught in the grip of ‘NaNo Fever’ I lived, breathed and perspired (women don’t sweat) over the pages of writing that were amassing in front of my very eyes. I was excited, very excited.

 Then it hit me or did I hit it? All the things that I was putting on hold, just to reach this November thirty deadline. Important things like family and friends and my responsibilities towards the community in the volunteer programmes I’m involved with. I wasn’t even sure whether I had a book in me, but here I was pounding away at the computer and neglecting the continuity of love, respect and value that I already had from those around me. A crash was imminent.

 For me, I decided, that writing like this was indeed dangerous for my health. A day of feeling physically sick, wrestling with my fears and doubts had me bound up in a deep dark place. Unable to face my computer, not even wanting to go to Writers Group I decided that I had to stop, pull myself together and take a good hard look at what I was doing to myself.

 Then that still quiet voice challenged me to take a look in that mirror, and remind that person not to be too harsh on them selves. Resetting my goal to 30,000 was a compromise; I was not giving up, I still had a destination to reach.  Now I am thrilled to have crossed that line, with 2,000 words to spare, giving me something to work on in the New Year. Homework for writers group has been completed with pleasure, even writing a ‘Blog Post’ has seemed like a walk in the park, compared to the pressures of NaNo’.

So do I believe that writing is dangerous for you health? 

No, not really. On the whole I find it a cathartic time. A good place to reminisce with my past, capture lost dreams and navigate a world of fantasy. I believe it has the power to heal and bring restoration, as dark secrets are brought to light, then dealt with in the hands of characters and plots.

 I love writing. I love the quirkiness of having a single word or line, then having to wrap a poem or story around it. I love the surprise of reading the unexpected on a page and wondering who this Sandie really is.

 But I do need balance.I need to; walk those rhythmic shore lines, listen to the harmony in the sand and surf, scavenge the beach for little treasures of inspiration, then soar as I take flight and see what the future has to offer.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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I’m not sure what I expected when I started this NaNoWriMo adventure. Sitting at my computer for the additional hours has certainly caused my body to rebel as joints have stiffened and my brain has lapsed into melt down mode.

There have been moments of brilliance where I have read through something on the computer screen and thought, ‘Wow, did I really write that?’. Then at other times, every sentence is hard work and I feel like I’m word constipated.

There is nothing easy about this experience, my growing admiration and thoughts go out to those who call this their career, as I recognise that this how they achieve their work. I figure that by the end of this process, I will know where I want this journey to take me. Deciding if I have the skills, drive and stamina to succeed at what has always been a dream.

Attempting my daily word count and maintaining everyday life has also been a challenge, I have to keep telling myself it is just for a month, then I remember that after this comes the editing stage. Currently, I know I am 13,000 words ahead of where I was this time last week and perhaps, by the end of the month, I will have the basis for a complete book.

Dreams are possible – You just have to wake up and make them happen.

© Sandie’s Snippets 2012

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