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This is a picture of a very large ‘Port Jackson Fig’ that sits in my local park. It is one of the few remaining trees that were part of a garden belonging to a family that settled here and had a home on the site. Unseen in this picture, around the other side of the trunk is a metal post, which has long-lost its purpose for being there, yet still remains. Solid, upright and buried in a bed of concrete.

The tree has had to adapt to it and the result is, that the base of the tree and its roots are moulding their way around this un-wanted, intrusion. Eventually the post may rust away,  break off, or a keen-eyed gardener may thoughtfully cut it away. If it is ignored though, there is a possibility that the tree may end up encasing all visual trace of it, the un-natural, un-welcome flaw remaining deep inside the trees system.

Our lives can sometimes be like that too. People around us may not necessarily see what is going on, but deep inside we may well be aware that there are parts of our lives, which we are growing around. Some of these situations, could become completely covered up, as we strive to work through them and accommodate their hold.

We all go through troubled times, where we can carry and bare the wounds of our past, but they do not have to define who we are today, or hinder our futures. Acceptance and forgiveness allows us to find an inner peace, where we can adapt to changing circumstances with wisdom and grace.

My desire is to grow older and wiser like this tree, by giving myself permission to be flexible and open to change.

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